Pakkavada / Ribbon Pakoda

Ribbon Pakoda / Kerala Pakkavada



  1. Chickpea flour / Kadalamavu – 400 – 500 gm
  2. Rice flour / pacha aripodi – A handful 
  3. Pepper powder – 2.5 tsp
  4. Chilly powder – 1 tbsp
  5. Hing / asafoetida -  3/4 tsp
  6. Salt – To taste
  7. Oil – To deep-fry

To crush

Curry leaves, pearl onion, garlic -  2 – 3 each. Crush them and add a tbsp of water. Crush well with your hands and sieve to get the juice. Add this while making the dough.


1. Sift the chick pea flour, rice flour and pepper powder. Add the other ingredients and mix well. Now add water little by little to form a soft dough. Taste check for salt. Place the ribbon pakoda mould / plate in an idiyappam/ murrukku press. Make small balls out of the dough and fill the idiyappam maker.

 Pakoda mould / platePakkavada dough 

2. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan at medium heat. Test the hotness of the oil by dropping a little of the dough. If it immediately comes to the top sizzling, your oil is ready for frying. Lower the heat and squeeze the dough carefully into hot oil in circles. Turn the heat to medium-high and fry until golden brown flipping to the other side in between. It would not take more than 3 – 4 minutes. Remove with a  slotted spoon and drain on to a colander. Refill the remaining dough in the idiyappam maker and repeat the process until the dough is finished. Cool down, break into smaller pieces and store in air-tight containers. The size of the pakodas may vary depending on the pakoda plate (mould) that you are using.



Idiyappam maker / murrukku press filled with the doughalt


Kerala Pakkavada Ribbon Pakoda / Pakkavada


  1. Damn tempting and crispy pakodas..

  2. Adipoli Pakkavada, chaya koode kitiyal kollam.

  3. They look so scrumptious.I liked your way of adding onion ,garlic and curry leaves.Planning to try this really soon.

  4. ഇതെല്ലാം കാണുമ്പോള്‍ വിശ്വ വിഖ്യാതമായ ഒരു കവിത ആണ് എനിക്ക് ഓര്മ വരുന്നത്…

    “പരിപ്പുവട… പക്കുവട…
    നമ്മുടെ വായില്‍ ചറപറ പറ…
    നമ്മുടെ വായില്‍ ചറപറ പറ…”

    chorus പാടെണ്ടാവര്‍ക്ക് കൂടെ പാടാം.

  5. Perfect munchies for anytime :)

    US Masala

  6. Tempting ribbon pakodas.

  7. so crispy and tempting .. come out so well


  8. It’s raining here and this going to be a perfect snack….looks so yum and tempting

  9. adipoli ente fav anithu. presentation also superb

  10. This is so Yummy!!!!

  11. am switching off the comp right now to go to the local hot chips center to get some of these. you make me crave it so badly.

  12. Perfect crispy and crunchy tea time snack..adipoli aayitundu Maya.

  13. Pakodas look so crispy and tasty. Love to have some of those.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  14. aa kuttayingu kitteerunnnengil chayakku kadi yayene…spicy pakkavada with hot tea..yum…

  15. ente daivame…ingane kothippichu’s freezing cold here and I want some of this, rt now :-)

  16. aweosme one honey.. perfect for snacking!

    Also, there is a small giveaway in my blog.. Do participate in it!

  17. My ultimate favorite among crunchy snacks and this looks awesome da..As Nami said, nalla kori choriyunna thanupaa evide and i feel for some tea and these crunchy yummies…

  18. oh my god..pakavadas looks delicious and perfectly fried…loved it…my all time fav snack…

  19. Adipoli!! kurachu ingottu parcel cheyyuttou..:-)

  20. looks very crispy and yummy….

  21. Maya,Parippuvadayum Pakkuvadayum aayi.
    Ini ennanu Pappadavada varunnathu.

    Famous poemil oru pappadavada koode undu..:-))

  22. eppo ethokke enikku store made items maathram aanu raksha… kandittu kothi varunnu.. nale Indian store il pokaan kaaranam aayi :)

  23. Thank You All :)

    @ Preets,

    Njangal pappada vada already post cheythittundu. Dha pidicho link..


  24. Maya & Lekshmi,

    Hope u guys are fine…

    Tried the pakavadas today… I used thejuice of the crushed garlic & onion. Turned out great & crispy as shown in the picture. The twist of adding garlic-onion gives it a distinct flavour.

  25. We both are doing fine, Rusheeda. Hope you are also doing fine. Nice to see your comment after a long time..Thanks a lot for trying out this recipe. Really happy to know that they came out well :)

  26. Renjini says:

    Hi…i made these today and they came out really well…i was super excited and wanted to thank you for this recipe…the step by step pics helped me a lot….thank u….:)

  27. You’re welcome dear :) Hope you try out more of our recipes. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Please keep visiting..

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