Prawns in a Roasted Coconut Masala

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  1. Suja Manoj says:

    Adipoli aayitundu,kothiyavunnu

  2. Super..Vaayayil vellam vannu..

  3. Sravs says:

    Wow that’ really tantalizing roast !! loved it !!

    Ongoing event CC:Mom’s Recipe

  4. Shabbu says:

    delicious and tempting prawns masala…yummy..

    Shabbu’s Tasty Kitchen

  5. Priya says:

    Wat a droolworthy masala,love this kind of fantastic dish..

  6. Shabs.. says:

    Hey guys….just thought of dropping by to say hi!I was Going thru dashboard after a very long time and I realised I have not been popping onto many of my fave blogs:).Thats a lovely recipe! Aa puttum pazhavum kothippichu kalanju!

  7. Delicious and mouthwatering prawns. Looks very different what we do !!

  8. Jay says:

    looks sooooooooper delicious & tempting
    Tasty Appetite

  9. siya says:

    Hi Maya,
    i just made this prawns roast,its came out so well,
    thank you so much….

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