Almond Cookies

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  1. Suji says:

    Maya..Da update vannilalo da.NJn chumma vannu nokiyapola post kande tou..

    Yummy cookies, nalla bhangy und kanan..


  2. Beautiful cookies. Looks awesome with all that almonds on the top!Yum!

  3. shriya says:

    Lovely cookies. Looks sooo perfect and soft. I love almonds in my cookies.

  4. The cookies have turned out really good…looks very inviting 🙂

  5. says:

    Yummy cookies look so cute and delicious.

  6. Cookies looks so beautiful dear..cute and almond cookies.

  7. yummy ones…mine dont come tht round..we hv everyday with our eveing it….fan of almonds…thansk for accepting the award…

  8. An Open Book says:

    nice and crispy im sure…perfect tea time snack

  9. Umm Mymoonah says:

    These cookies are perfect with a cup of tea, nice pictures

  10. yummy team.. really delicious one.looks so crispy.perfectly baked one.the almonds as looks really nice..good one

  11. GayathriRaj says:

    Wow what a delicious dish…looking yummy yaar….

  12. Nitha says:

    Looks delicious.. I love the way the almonds are sticking on to the biscuit… Looks so cute..

  13. divya says:

    Woowwwwwww delicious and yummy…nice click

  14. wow! wat a droll worthy recipe…luks very crips.

  15. OMG !!! They have come out so well. Just yummy looking !!!

  16. wow what a beautiful cookies…looks so yum

  17. BeenaShylesh says:

    cookies adipolli ayittundu keto…..

  18. You are addicted to baking as well like me ? I am trying all your stuffs within 2 days , may be this will be my next baking one

  19. Cookies look cute and yummy!!!!!!

  20. cookies looks perfect.

  21. Priya says:

    Elegant and cute cookies, looks tempting..

  22. Ms.Chitchat says:

    Very gorgeous looking cookies,perfectly baked.

  23. Jay says:

    Cookies looks scrumptious n crispy…fabulous clicks…
    some awards are waiting for you in my drop by to collect them.

  24. knk says:

    delicious cookies really nice post

  25. Simply beautiful :). Thanks for this recipe yummy.

  26. wow.. looks delicious..nice click..

  27. San says:

    Perfectly baked cookies n fab shaped cookies as well.

  28. The cookies look real cute..Perfect color, shape. Great job..

  29. Ann says:

    It looks super cute and delish

  30. SS says:

    Looks like made by a specialist from indian mithai ki dukan

  31. GayathriRaj says:

    There is an awrd waiting for you at my space. Please do collect them..

  32. Biji Arun says:

    Looks delicious…can you plz let me know from where you bought Almond flour in US….Thanks

  33. Yummy Team says:

    Thanks Biji..I bought it from fred meyer..

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