Easy Vegetable Curry

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  1. my gosh,,,,so colorfula nd healthy curry….love the beet colr….lovely……

  2. Guys, this is hands down the easiest recipe for beetroot recipe for sure 🙂

  3. SS says:

    What a color..red hot curry

  4. Suhaina says:

    So easy and colourful. nEVER THOUGHT OF ADDING beetroot. It has given the curry a yummy colour.u GAls have done a good job. Really appreciate it.Innovative curry.

  5. shahana says:

    Even i used to make a similar ccurry without the addition of beetroot.loved the color of beets.Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Easy simple and tasty..kandale ariyam llo kidilan ruchi anennu.yummy yumm

    Kairali sisters

  7. Ann says:

    Super simple and delicious, Looks fantastic.

  8. Nisha says:

    What a great way to use up carrot and beatroot

  9. Aparna says:

    Simple, yummy healthy dish

  10. wow such a beautiful colour,looks yum as well

  11. MaryMoh says:

    Wow…lovely curry. It’s the first real red curry I’ve seen. Looks healthy and delicious.

  12. beetroot gives nice color to the dish..really healthy one.simple recipe..

  13. Priya says:

    Wat a beautiful, colourful and irresistible curry, looks yumm!

  14. Oh god , this is so colorful …

  15. Mixed veggie curry looks colourful n came out perfect dear.Looks delicious n yummy.

  16. BeenaShylesh says:

    colour fulll……delisious..to..

  17. Yummy thats very colourful, beautiful and healthy 🙂

  18. Really pretty..beetroot has given it a gorgeous color..looks irresistible.

  19. divya says:

    Wow! Looks spicy and hot!Mouth watery…

  20. Nithu Bala says:

    oh what a colorful and delicious curry..send me some dear..

  21. Panchpakwan says:

    Healthy and colorful curry.

  22. GayathriRaj says:

    Hey thats a colorful one…that beetroot gave that color i thiunk…yummy dish and really easy too….healthy combi…

  23. Priya says:

    love the beet root red color.. adipoli ayittu ondallo!! …lovely pic 🙂

  24. Rumana Rawat says:

    Hello Dear,
    How r u doing?
    What a lovely curry, looks very tasty:)

  25. Rekha says:

    This really sounds easy, love the color of the curry.

  26. Malar Gandhi says:

    I love the addition of beets in this curry, totally drool worthy.

  27. Sarah Naveen says:

    love the color..looks so delicious..

  28. There is something waiting for you in my blog..please collect dear.

  29. looks really yummy & delicious..

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