Spicy Chicken Curry

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  1. Umm Mymoonah says:

    Wow! Very tempting pictures, looks too good. You are really good at both cooking and photography.

  2. Adipoli chicken curry, very easy yet looks spicy and tasty..Great yummies…

    Kairali sisters

  3. ymmu yummy……. luks so delicious and very spicy too nice color

  4. very tempting…love that marinating version,too gud…Dam sure the taste must me yum…

  5. Ann says:

    Nice…this is something I make quite often at home…The chicken dish looks great..:)..The other day I had fun browsing through your recipes…Great clicks with step by step photos…Appreciate ur effort…:)

  6. Vrinda says:

    Mouthwatering chicken curry,yum yaam

  7. Nitha says:

    chicken curry assal aayittunde… This is the usual one which my mom makes… But she never grinds the tomatoes.. that seems to be a good idea..

  8. Delicious and spicy chicken curry..adipoli…sure must have tasted great..nice clicks.

  9. BeenaShylesh says:

    adipoli…vayiluda kappalodunnu….enthu mordern curry undakkiyallum nammuda nadan curry kazhijitta athinnu ok sthannam ullu alla….appol husintta nalla commend kitti kannum alla..keep it up…

  10. Priya says:

    Slurpppp!!!!very tempting and droolworthy chicken curry, makes me hungry…

  11. Priti says:

    Wow yummy..looks so tempting dear…

  12. Rach says:

    Looks incredible 🙂

  13. knk says:

    wow delicious chicken i love it

  14. Arunan says:

    thanks for the recipe.. it is good to show the weight of the chicken too 🙂 I will try this recipe next time (to win my wife’s applause :D). Your ‘chicken roast’ is our all time fav by now 🙂

  15. jais says:

    wow looks so nice dear

  16. An Open Book says:

    i am bookmarking this for sure…

  17. I like the grinding tomato idea…looks yummy…

  18. Malar Gandhi says:

    Looks superb, very appetizing one for sure…pictures makes me very hungry.

  19. Az says:

    so true about impressing the better half with cooking something special… I had my days.. trying to make chicken chilli to impress my hubby… 🙂 The recipe along with the story is on my blog… Love your simple yet spicy chicken curry…

  20. Rach says:

    Thanks for asking me to post some ayurvedic diet recipes. Will surely do that at the earliest. Intesrestingly most of the Indian recipes are all Ayurvedic in nature. Only thing the use of processes( like boiling, steaming etc), spices ( like cumin, black pepper, corinader etc.), in doshas and in our well being need to be explained. Will try and explain , the recipes with ayurvedic aspect. Thanks again, Its a pleasure to share

  21. Jay says:

    Looks absolutely mouthwatering…love to have with hot soft chapatis dear.

  22. Looks mouthwatering, spicy and yum

  23. yummy team really simple and spicy chicken curry .the picture itself saying the deliciousness of this chicken curry nice one

  24. Suhaina says:

    wow. such a look. I love spicy chicken curry very much. u gals are making me drool. wonferful clicks too. Nicely made.

  25. shabs says:

    when i made this my curry tasted tomato….i dont knw wht went wrong….can u plz help me …i grinded one big tomato instead of ur 2 small tomato…

    plz reply and help me … 🙁 iam beginner in cuking!

  26. Yummy Team says:

    Sorry about that, Shabs..Actually I am not very sure what went wrong with the recipe. Did you follow it exactly? For 1.5 kg chicken, adding 2 small tomatoes or 1 large would not make the curry taste like tomato. Those of my friends who have tried this before never had such a problem. Did you use ripe tomatoes and did you saute them well? Using unripe tomatoes can result in a difference in taste. Better luck next time Shabs.

  27. Roshni says:

    Thanks for sharing this simple recipe, yummy team. I tried it yesterday and came out really well.

  28. Yummy Team says:


    Thanks a lot for trying it out and for your feedback. Really happy to know that it came out well. Hope you continue to enjoy our recipes..

  29. dhana says:

    your recipes look awesome. I am trying it on way now..
    What abt the green chillies ??? where should v use it ???

    • Maya Akhil says:

      I am really sorry for the late reply, Dhana..You need to add the green chilies along with chopped onion. I have updated the recipe. Thanks for pointing it out!

  30. jyoti says:

    dish looks tasty and the recipe is simple. thanks a ton.

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