Tandoori Fish

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  1. aipi says:

    Scrumptious dish…loved the colour…

    US Masala

  2. Foodie Ann says:

    love broiled fish…infact im making one rt now for dinner…:)

  3. Ohh my..Thats such an eye catchy recipe and pictures Maya..Amazing clicks…LOve the presentation…

  4. Satya says:

    tandoori fish looks wonderful ..fish loves must be on top of the sky


  5. wow what a beautifully done tandoori fish,looks mouthwatering and love the colour..

  6. Jaisy James says:

    wow looks delicious dear

  7. Sayantani says:

    ohh you got me drooling here. the fish looks so tempting. will make it next week and will let you know.

  8. Priya says:

    Droolworthy tandoori fish, very tempting..

  9. Roshan says:

    tandoori fish….new concept….superb photos…

  10. An Open Book says:

    hey thanks a lot for those nice comments on my poll results:)
    i love tandoori dishes and shud say its the only fish item i can have without complaints

  11. Amazing clicks..love tandori fish,this looks absolutely delicious

  12. Satrupa says:

    Tandoori fish looks so good ……. Yummy o yummy, that’s what comes to my mind seeing it.


    Cheers n Happy Cooking,


  13. Pushpa says:

    Beautiful clicks…a great fulfilling dish.

    Pushpa @ simplehomefood.com

  14. Mouthwatering! I have never had tandorori fish…it looks seriously good!

  15. I loved the masalas you have used..I always use the shan’s tandoori mix whenever i make tandoori….this one is a better option to avoid the instant spices….

  16. oh wow these look tempting and great color.

  17. Nitha says:

    Thats really tempting one.. Gonna get some fillets next time.. and try this out for sure..

  18. Lav says:

    Looks yumm and delicious !! First time here…yummilicious blog….do visit my space when free 🙂



  19. Sarah Naveen says:

    ente fav annu kto ithu!!! adipoli!!

  20. Swathi says:

    Tandoori fish adipoli. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have nice space, will be following you.

  21. Anonymous says:

    what is broil mode.baking is in convection mode?

  22. Yummy Team says:

    In baking, you are heating the food by surrounding it with hot air but in case of broiling, heat comes from the top heating element. Broiling makes the food brown and crispier because of the intense direct heat but the food can get burnt if you broil it for long.

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