Unnakka Kappa ( Dry Tapioca) Puzhukku

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  1. Very new recipe. Never cooked with Tapioca before.

  2. simply.food says:

    I have never tried cooking with dry tapioca.Nice concept.

  3. Yeah, totally new to me as well. But who dries that Tapioca? We do it or they sell it as is?

  4. An Open Book says:

    that looks absolutely delicious..and that curry..even bettah

  5. New one to me. I have seen dry tapioca chips and used to like it a lot !! Looks delicious gals !!!

  6. Soumya says:

    wow…very tempting..nothing can beat kappa & fish curry. Never tried dried tapiocas.Perfect clicks & nicely explained.


  7. Suman Singh says:

    something very new to me but that looks mouthwatering..thanks for sharing such delicacies…

  8. Hmm Serikum kothipicchu llo …Kappa puzhukkum pinne aa unaka kappayum okke kandittu ente control ponu tto…Njan vaikathe angotteke varunund ethokke akathakan 😀

  9. Nithu Bala says:

    very new dish to me…looks delicious

  10. Wow this luks very nice,this is very new to me. while seeing the pics,make me hungry.Wanna try this.

  11. Tapioca is new to me…..and the recipe too…..looks tasty…..

  12. Satrupa says:

    This recipe is quite new to me. I have never tried tapioca ….. ur’s looks good and flavorful.

    Cheers n Happy Cooking,


  13. Yummyyy.Love this with kanthari mulaku chammanthi.

  14. Fathima says:

    wow… perfect with kudampuli etta meen curry!

  15. aipi says:

    Totally new recipe..never cooked with tapioca before !
    Looks interesting n flavorful!

    US Masala

  16. I Too never used tapioca before and this one looks very delicious, love the last clicks, its too tempting

  17. ♥Aps♥ says:

    Wheneva i hear the name Kappa i remember the brand 😀
    This is nice nd interesting recipe 🙂

  18. jais says:

    wow adipoli ithu kazhicha kalam marannu

  19. Priya says:

    Very tempting puzhukku..never had them before..

  20. Sayantani says:

    I used to polish off my Keralian friend’s stash of Tapioca chips. this is a great way to preserve them. love the kottu recipe.

  21. Wow yummy..ethu njankaludeyum favorite aanu..kazhichittu ethara naalayi..

  22. totally new to me…looks super tempting

  23. Nitha says:

    I ve never made this unakka kappa. Do you make it at home??

    puzhukku looks yummy.. esp with that fish curry…

  24. Satya says:

    looks absolutely delicious ..very new dish to me ..thanks for sharing


  25. Jennifurla says:

    Looks delicious, out of my realm!

  26. looks yummy..vayil vellam varunnu…

  27. Yummy Team says:

    Thank You All 🙂

    @ Cool Lassie and Nitha,
    It is easy to dry tapioca. Wash, pat dry and slice / dice them. It wont take more than 1-2 weeks to dry them in the sun. You can also find them in the stores.

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