Mishti Doi / Bengali Sweet Yoghurt

Mishti doi

    Bengali sweets are yum. So so yum! And among the most popular Bengali sweets is the classic, delicately sweet  Mishti Doi. Mishti doi is sweetened yoghurt made by combining thickened milk, sugar and yoghurt in a claypot or earthenware, and is kept in a warm place until it ferments and sets. 

    Now, don’t even think that it is difficult to prepare this simple, elegant dessert. I am sharing an easy version that saves time but still tastes awesome like the authentic one. We just have to combine evaporated milk, sugar and yoghurt, then pour the mix into small ramekins or any heat-proof bowls, and finally bake them at the lowest temperature setting of the oven until set. You can use cardamom and a few strands of saffron for extra flavor. Hope you enjoy this sweet treat like we did!

Mishti Doi / Mitha Dahi

Ingredients (Makes 5 – 6 servings)

Evaporated milk – 1 can (12 oz)

Whole milk yoghurt – 3/4 cup

Sugar – 1/2 cup


1. Whisk yoghurt and sugar in a medium bowl. Add evaporated milk and mix well. Pour into 5 – 6 small ramekins or any heat-proof bowls.

2. Preheat oven at 170 F (or the lowest temperature setting of your oven). Place the ramekins on a baking sheet and bake for 2 – 2.5 hrs until set and their tops turn light golden. Switch off the oven. Leave the ramekins inside the oven until they reach room temperature (takes 1.5 – 2 hrs). Place in refrigerator overnight or for at least 3 hours. Creamy and yummy mishti doi is ready to serve.

 Recipe Courtesy – Zahera UmmatDSC_0581

Mishti doi

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  • I was waiting for Maya to post this recipe. This recipe was in my inbox the day she tasted it at Zahera’s place. I have to say its one of the desserts that makes you feel you are having something “healthy” (ofcourse the 3/4th cup yoghurt).. I have to say its sooo tasty.. I have made it multiple times and it always came out perfect.. We couldn’t just stop with single serving.. Thanks for sharing the recipe Maya and Zahera.

  • Yummm, I was looking forward to this dish when you said you will be sharing Bengali dishes 🙂 ithu enthayalum undakki nokum. I made Shrikhand yesterday which is also a curd based sweet but no process of baking, just whisking few ingredients 🙂 one big glass dish use chaiyamo for the whole recipe? Baking time difference varumo?

  • Hi
    Can you please tell what the dessert tastes like, does it have the sourness of the curd? Thing is I haven’t heard about this dish but tried it anyways, I’m just not sure what it should taste like. I used full cream yoghurt from store.
    P.s. I have tried so many dishes from your site.

    Thank you

  • Can we use normal milk instead of evaporated milk?if yes then does the measurements change or will it be same?

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