Punjabi Chole – Restaurant Style (With Video)

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  1. Celine says:

    Will prepare this recipe soon. I made today your methi leaves with mixed vegetable curry. Mince with potatoes. awesome

  2. Thank you Maya for Chole masala receipe!! hope I’ll be able to prepare with yummy taste!! God bless you dear!!

  3. Vinita says:

    Excellent and easy recipe! Made for dinner today! Thank you and keep the vegetarian recipes coming!

  4. Zahera Ummat says:

    It was really very tasty,as I am lucky enough to taste it from Maya’s kitchen I can tell people to go ahead and try it…My husband who is not a fan of vegetarian cuisine even he ate it like anything…Thanks Maya for sharing the recipe..

  5. Greesha says:

    Hi Maya,

    Tried the recipe yesterday. It came out so good. The chana was super soft and the gravy was yummy. Like your experience, i had tried many other chana recipes, but nothing was satisfying enough. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Thank you 🙂

  6. Ite says:

    I am curious to know the use of tea bag

  7. MEHAB says:

    Hi Maya, Why do we have to add tea bag and baking soda?

  8. My family’s most favorite dish !

  9. Sunila says:

    I plan to try this tonight, I don’t have tea bags, if I use tea powder instead like you recommended, will it change the taste?
    Also, I am doubling the recipe, so I need double the amount the tea powder?

    • Maya Akhil says:

      Do not add tea powder directly..Use 2 – 3 tbsp black tea (make black tea separately with tea powder and use it in the recipe)..If you plan to double the recipe – use 3 – 4 tbsp black tea

  10. Prema says:

    I have tried multiple chole masala recipes and have never been satisfied – I finally tried your recipe and it turned out great – I was reminded of the restaurant chole taste I was striving for – thanks a lot!!

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