About Maya

I’m Maya Akhil, staying in Seattle for the past eight years with my husband, 5 year old son and one year old daughter. My passion for food… tasty, yummy, healthy food made me create the blog, Yummy O Yummy.

Maya Akhil

The idea was to focus on traditional South Indian style cooking and fusion dishes. But then over the years it went much beyond that. I realized that cooking cannot be limited to just one style or way of cooking. Your taste buds can be stretched out to try out so many other cuisines where you love some and of course hate some! So here I have compiled the recipes which tickled my taste buds, my family’s and of course, our friends’!

I always loved good food, and loved being around my mother whenever she was making delicious dishes. I was there with her to catch the aroma and to taste the food. My mother never let me cook when I was younger as I was really messy. So once I got a kitchen of my own I just dived into cooking. The first dishes, mostly husband’s favorites, were made with great care, to impress! And it did impress him. The blog happened in 2010 because my husband thought it was a good idea to have a place for all my recipes since I wanted to share them with friends.

I started this blog  along with my cousin, Lakshmi who shared the same interest. After Lakshmi moved back to India, she got busy with her little one and new job so I have been handling the blog for the past 7 years. So what started as a hobby, along with the encouragement of friends and family, gradually turned into a full fledged blog and a serious endeavor.

I must say that the past 5 years of blogging gave me pure pleasure of just doing it! I wanted it to be a guide for newbie cooks, amateurs in the kitchen and the appreciation I receive make me believe that I am on the right path. DC books,  a leading regional publisher in Kerala published 2 of my cookbooks few years back.

All the recipes in YummyOYummy have been tried and tested in my kitchen. I have posted the step wise pictures of most of the recipes, to give a clear idea, which I hope will be helpful in making a dish. Your valuable comments and suggestions will keep me motivated so if you try any of my recipes, do share the experience.

Happy Cooking!

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