Palada Pradhaman – 50th post

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  1. Heyy Yummies…Congrats on the 50th post and the Award…Wish you many many more.. Palada pradhaman is our favorite too..Yummmo..

    Thank you so much for remembering us..It means a lot…

    Kairali sisters

  2. Sarah Naveen says:

    Congrats on ur 50th post and award..Palada pradaman looks fantastic..yummy!!!!

  3. Lekshmy says:

    wow! congrats for the award! and the palada looks very yummy…

  4. shahana says:

    Palada pradaman looks really yum!

  5. Meena says:

    CONGRATS ON THE 50TH POST!!!Hope you get to celebrate many more milestones!!! It is so sweet of u to pass on this award to me, my friends!!I totally appreciate it! Will be following you to check out more of your authentic kerala vibhavangal:)))

  6. Mona says:

    Yummy team, Congratulations on the milestone. Wish you many many more it in the future. And thanks a lot for the award. I am honored.

  7. Arunan says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Arunan says:

    Hi Congratulations!! Hope to see more and more items in the blog!!1

    Palada prathaman is my favourite payasam.. 🙂

  9. Arunan says:

    I guess if you add a bottle of Milkmaid (condensed milk), it would be even tastier 🙂

  10. meeras says:

    50th post so soon….Congrats ! hope to see a lot of more good recipes !

  11. congratulations and wish you success in all your future endeavours..
    It is so nice of you to share the award with me ..thanks for remembering RuchiBhedangal.palada looks sweet yumyy…..

  12. Tina says:

    Congrats dear….Palada looks creamy and delicious…

  13. An Open Book says:

    Congrats on ur 50th post in a matter of 3 months…great going..and thanks a lot for the award..i humbly accept it 🙂

  14. Nithu Bala says:

    Congrats Girls on your 50th post:-) and the award..wish you many more awards to come on your way..Love to see lot of wonderful recipes from you both..Palada pradaman is very yummy and I loved your cute presentation..Thanks for sharing the award with me..I’l post it soon in my blog..

  15. Gulmohar says:

    Congrats on your milestone…Keep rocking girls !!!
    Congrats on your award and thanks a lot for thinking about us 🙂
    kurachu paalada pradhaman parcel, pl. 😀 It looks so so tempting

  16. Yummy Team says:

    Thank you all :)!!!

  17. Malar Gandhi says:

    Congrats Maya and Lakshmi, on hitting your 50th post:) Expecting more from you guys:) Enjoy the award, you truly deserve it and wish you more and more awards in future…happy blogging:)

    Thanks for sharing the award with me, it means so much:)

    Palada pradhaman looks awesome, good way to celebrate:)

  18. Preets says:

    Congratulations Yummy Team!!
    How fast and dedicated you ladies are!
    Expecting many more healthy and simple recipes from you guys.
    Really enjoyed cooking your dishes..
    Best wishes friends :-))

  19. Sashi says:

    Congrats Ladies for ur awards and half century !! hearty wishes, keep them coming. Thanks a lot for passing the award to me I am very honored.

  20. Julie Antony says:

    Hearty Congrats ! Keep up the great work!
    I highly appreciate your proffesionalism in presenting the dishes, the clicks, the detailing of the procedure, the uniquness and most of all the inspiration generated in the minds of your readers to experiment your posts. Awesome job once again..:-)

  21. Yummy Team says:

    Thanks again..Your kind words are our inspiration!

  22. s says:

    thanks for the awards..sorry for the delay!!!!Thanks so much guys!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi… This summer has been solely devoted to trying ur recipes. Hats off to u! Actually, I’m making this pradhaman ryt nw. R u sure its 2litres? After 1 hr of cooking, pradhaman is still quite loose.

  24. Yummy Team says:


    I am really sorry for the late reply. Thanks a bunch for your sweet words. This payasam was made by Lakshmi so am not very sure about the quantity. It will thicken a lot later on so the consistency should be right after it is slightly cooled. Did you notice any change in consistency after sometime? Hope it came out well..Anyway I will check with lakshmi and update this recipe. Thanks again!

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