Celebration Time and a Giveaway

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  1. Anjana says:

    i discovered your blog when searching for no machine ice creams and the first time i tried it was a huge hit with my MIL. Talk about extra brownie points !! The second recipe i tried was the cashew cardamom cookies and was a hit with the hubby and kids. Nailed it !
    The best part of your blog is the step by step pictures which is kind of a check to see if i am where i should be in the process. Please continue the good work.
    It would be great if you could do lunch box ideas for kids for wholesome meals like proteins, carbs, fruits + veggies.

  2. Meena bala says:

    Thakaali theeyal is one of my favourite recipes from your website. And potato mappas as well.

  3. Binsy George says:

    Hi Maya,

    This is my privilege to comment here. “Yummy o Yummy” is my most favorite website, I was so happy that I found your blog, I love and enjoy your recipes all the time and have introduced already for many of my friends and relatives who really love real taste especially Kerala and Indian traditional recipes, and also the people who love other dishes. Here I can always find what ever I am looking for and also the real taste I wanted to, and I have never get disappointed. Recently I have introduced this blog to one of my Philippine friends, she tried okra and potato curry and she loved it. I love the way you present each one and picture demo of each steps of cooking, that makes so easy for me. Very pleasant and fully satisfied blog. My suggestion is that add more and more south Indian traditional taste on coming days.

    Its hard to say two favorite recipes but I will try to say, Okra and potato curry and Pressure cooker Chicken Biriyani are two my favorites. No doubt, I love others too.

    Thank you Maya for your Great job!! Congratulations and All the very Best for the 5th anniversary of Yummy o Yummy and May God bless you to have wonderful years ahead..!! Lets celebrate it together..!! I am glad that I could participate into it…!!


    Binsy Anil

  4. Pradeesha says:

    I first came across ‘yummyoyummy’ blog for my first Onam with my husband here in US. I want to surprise him and make the day special by reminding the flavours of Kerala with an authentic ‘Kerala Sadhya’. For which your ‘Kerala Sadhya Recipes’ post helped me to achieve that. And no need to mention, it was a fantastic Onam for us with awesome Sadhya of 14 dishes I exclusively tried only from your blog. Right from that day I regularly visit your blog for new recipes and dishes. I try almost most of ur dishes. My favorites are ‘one pot veg Briyani’, which is my all time life saver in busy mornings and ‘Unakka chemmen chammandhi podi’ for which chemmen is my favorite.
    Way to go Maya!! wishing you to celebrate a lot more countless anniversaries for this wonderful food blog 🙂

  5. Jasmine says:

    Congratulations, Maya on your blog’s fifth anniversary! Your blog is one of my go to websites for nadan recipes. Wishing you much success in the coming years and thanks for the chance to take part in your giveaway 🙂

  6. indu says:

    Congratulations YOY!!!
    I was never into cooking and experimenting as I always messed up or burnt even the most simple recipes and my husband had almost lost his hopes on my cooking skills .(He loves ghar ka khaana ).One afternoon, I received a message from him about a get together at our house. I almost panicked since most of his friends were bachelors and preferred home made food.I tried to relax and replied him that I would cook for all because I wanted to surprise everyone this time
    1. confidence -After I gained that i went ahead with my next step
    2.Recipes-I began to surf on the net for kerala non vegetarian recipes and opened the first link I noticed on my webpage tadaaaahhhh I first thing u noticed was a beautiful face and yeah the blog had almost every recipes I had n mind for beginner to pro (cooking)from the scratch .
    3.Cooking and serving -Needless to say my husband was surprised with my cooking skills and loveed the food and from then to now I have been religiously trying out all your recipes .I can actually cook now,All thanks to yummy o yummy. (love the happy moments u share with readers)
    Proud Yummian:):)

  7. shaku says:

    Happy 5th anniversary to yummy o yummy.
    I am an ardent fan of your blog and your recipes.Its wonderful to see how this site has changed.I first fumbled upon your blog 5 years back while I was searching for onam sadya in google…sadhya rocked and now I am a dedicated reader.Your writing style,photographs,food presentation and original touch of each recipes made it my first stop to find something new to try out.You heiped me rediscover many of my favorite dishes and new once too.Thanks so much for your wonderful receips .My favorite is all your biriyanis especially lamb biriani and green chicken biriani.Hope to see more delicious recipes here.Best wishes Truly a milestone.

  8. Jini says:

    Congratulations on 5 th anniversary. I like your blog very much. I try to visit your blog often to check for new entries. Your pressure cooker chicken biriyani and no machine mango ice cream is a hit always at my home.

  9. Ann says:

    Congrats Maya & YOY!!!! This is the one place i need to go when I am out of ideas on what to cook or when i have to cook for a large gathering. Not to mention, whatever I tried from your blog was a huge hit and my guest always wanted the recipe. The measurements for the recipes are so perfect that many times I have made them directly for our get-togethers without even taste checking it. The best part of YOY is the step pictures..
    Coming to mu favorite reipee.. Its really tough for me to choose 2 favorite dish.. but for now I will go with beef biryani and couscous salad.
    Oh no.. I cannot end this post without mentioning the yummy fajitas, gyros and the baked masala wings..I have made those countless times!!!
    Keep going Maya. Waiting for more and more yummy treats!!

  10. Sanjeevani says:

    Hello Maya!
    I’ve been a silent follower of your blog since getting married and relocating to the US last year… Congratulations on achieving such an impressive milestone! Your blog is totally indispensable to us newbies to cooking..what sets your blog apart from others is your no-frills approach to explaining every method.. Love it! I’ve tried n number of your dishes, though my favorite ones are okra thoran and banana bread 🙂 whenever I miss mom’s food I just open up ur blog , savour the yummy pics and look for a familiar dish to cook up! Thanks a million and best of luck for all your endeavors 🙂

  11. LEKSHMI says:

    Congratulations Maya on the 5 th anniversary of yummyoyummy.
    I learned my cooking through this site, give me the confidence to try new recipes and encouraged my cooking skills. I became skilled biriyani maker just because of this site.Thanks to you.My favourites are

    Chicken biriyani and fish biriyani( I never had fish biriyani before i tried it myself from this site.It was fantastic)
    Pavakka theeyal and chembu asthram
    Mango Pie
    Nadan kozhikkal fry

    May God Bless you to have many more successful years to come by.Keep doing the good work.

  12. Divya says:

    I love your blog and have recommended it to anyone who is looking for fool proof recipes. I have made a ton of recipes from your site. It is difficult to choose just 2. My favorite ones are the shammi kebab and the mushroom and capsicum rice. I have never bought vanilla ice cream from the store after trying your version. Keep up the good work with the recipes. It is such a big help and relief for people like me who want good food without being in the kitchen the whole day!!

  13. Prathibha says:

    Hi Maya 🙂

    I really don’t know which all recipes I should mention that I loved from your blog….there is a very big list that my husband and myself have tried and enjoyed and also shared with our friends. Palak pulav and Andhra Chicken roast are the first ones that come to my mind which had an entirely special taste 🙂 then there is our all time favorite Mango Ice cream, thanks to your no ice cream machine version 🙂 Kappa biriyani, fish fingers, bengal fish fry, travancore chicken curry, spicy chicken biriyani and the list goes on…..Thanks to your blog that I learned to make appam with rice flour and the pressure cooker version of biriyani 🙂 I wish you all the very best for the future and expecting more new and yummy recipes….



  14. Gina J says:

    Congrats on your 5th anniversary. I love your blog. I check it every morning to see what new recipe you have posted and your step by step pics are great. My 2 favourite recipies are french yogurt cupcakes and no machine eggless vanilla icecream. My kids are crazy about these two recipies too.

  15. Soumya Georgy says:

    Hi Maya,
    Firstly, Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of YOY… 🙂 This is an awesome website i should say. i have tried a lot of recipes from here and everything has been just too good. Love the way you present everything in a simple yet detailed manner. I always look forward to the new recipes.
    Some of my best recipes from here were Chicken Rolls, Inji Cury, Ada Pradaman… and the list is endless…
    I did recommend it to my friends too 🙂
    God bless in all your future endeavors… Best Wishes..


  16. Neeti says:

    Hi Maya,

    Congrats on the 5th Anniversary of the blog :).

    I came to know about your blog from my sister-in-law about 2 months back. Your recipes are very easy to follow and I love the step-by-step pictures. Your blog has really helped me in my cooking. It has given me confidence in my cooking. I keep multiple tabs open on my browser with the different recipes from your blog to try out every week.

    So far, Chicken keema, vegetable pasta, Chicken sausage and cherry tomato pasta are my favorites.

    Keep up the good work and with the step-by-step pictures. 🙂

  17. Sak says:

    I have been a silent admirer of your blog and have cooked and cherished a lot of your recipes, but my favorite ones are your shrimp recipes. They are to die for.

  18. Pretty Alex says:

    Love your blog!Favorite recipes are mango icecream,beef fry and curry leaf chicken curry.

  19. Jessy jose says:

    First of all congrats for your 5 year journey with us. I have been a silent admirer of your blog. I tried several of your receipes and I came out very good. Because of u I am a super cook among my friends. My all time favorite is mango ice cream and chilli fish. Keep up all the good work. Thankyou.
    I am still waiting for the crab curry receipe.

  20. durga says:

    hey maya,
    love almost all the recipes that you make and your recipes are very easy to follow.There is only one suggestion that i have whenever you make beef dishes would you able to add the cut of beef you use or suggest a substitute for it.

  21. Vinita Nair says:

    Dear Maya,
    I have been a dedicated follower of your blog ever since I came to know of it 3 1/2 years ago. Yummyoyummy has become my go-to resource for dinner parties, potlucks, every day meals at home, tea time, anything really! I have recommended your blog to all of my friends. I have tried nearly 80% of your recipes and I can say my favorites are restaurant-style chicken curry, kabuli chane and pineapple rasam! My most recent favorite was tomato theeyal which was a hit at our last dinner party with a lot of aunties who are cooking experts! So you know that means a lot! In fact, I have a board on pinterest called Stay for dinner, where I have pinned many of my favorite recipes for quick reference. Love the layout of your blog. I am always on the lookout for easy recipes-especially snack and prasadam-type items. Also always in need of kid friendly recipes and would love to see more of these in the future.
    I truly appreciate the effort you put into your blog. Every one of your recipes is tasty and really works! A life saver when you are desperately looking for no-fail items to make for a dinner party! Keep up the good work and please know that you are helping so many busy working moms like me! Thank you!!

  22. Remya says:

    Congrats on the 5th anniversary of the blog!!!
    Few of my favorite recipes from your blog are
    Prawn pepper fry
    Curry leaf pepper chicken
    Egg salad sandwich
    Restaurant Style Chicken Curry
    Mango ice cream
    Thanks for posting so many new recipes.
    All the best for your future endeavors.

  23. Jani says:

    hi maya,
    congrats on your 5th anniversary. Your recipes are so simple and elegant. I love all your recipes, especially duck curry, kallappam, fish moli, puli inji. I always wonder that how do you manage all these with a little kid? I know how hard it is when you have a little one around you, because I am a mom of two young kids. You inspires me a lot and cook for the family.Thank you for sharing recipes and continue your good work. God bless.

  24. Anne says:

    Burnt chili garlic fried rice and chilli beef roast are two of my go to Recipes

  25. Betty says:

    I love your blog and congrats on 5 years!!! I love your step by step by guide with pictures. My favorite two recipes are Quinoa Vegetable Soup I even shared that recipes to my co-workers who are American and they loved it and your blog and they have tried your other recipes. My other favorite is Badam Milk very healthy. Recently I been eating healthier, I wish you can incorporate more ingredients (so called superfood) into your recipes with that Indian twist to it, ingredients such as chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, almond four, coconut flour, arrowroot flour….etc I appreciate your hardwork in creating this blog and sharing your recipes, ideas, and tips.

  26. saras says:

    Happy anniversary…Love ur blog and I, like all your chicken recipes and tarditional kerala dishes like appams.

  27. Soumya Pankajakshan Pillai says:

    Hi Maya,

    Congrats on completing 5 years. Its a great milestone. Yoohoo..
    I am an avid follower of yummyoyummy. Everyday I check this site to see if you have any new updates but never posted any comments though. Also whenever I need to cook something for which I don’t have a recipe or if I have some vegetables I don’t know what to do with I will search this site only. The step by step pictures makes it very easy to follow and it helps me a lot. I use this site as my cooking guide so its hard to choose only 2. But I would go with Sausage and Spinach Pesto Pasta and Easy Cardamom Cake as my favorites. I have made the cake so many times for parties and potlucks and everybody asked me the recipe and I gave the link to them. Thanks for doing everything that you do and keep up the good work. All the best for the future and expecting more and more yummy recipes from you. Thank you!!!

  28. Suseela says:

    Hi Maya,
    Happy anniversary!!
    Like all your receipes. Fan of all your vegetarian receipes. Love the pictures and very easy to follow. Good Luck for more receipes with many more years.

  29. Nisha Bipin says:

    Dear Yummy O’Yummy/Maya , Congrats on completing 5 years of blogging, Like I have told before, you are my motivation in cooking and blogging, I have bothered you many times with stupid questions 🙁 ….Whenever I feel like making something, yours is the first place I search for the recipe.. 95 out of 100 times I don’t have to Google after that!!
    There is another reason why I come to YOY first. Certain cooking methods or ingredients is exactly same as my family uses..I dont know how to express it-: എന്റെ വീട്ടില് ചെയ്യുന്ന പോലെ തന്നെ !!!എന്റെ അമ്മ, അമ്മൂമ്മ, അപ്പച്ചിമാർ ഒക്കെ ചെയ്യുന്ന അതേ നാടൻ രീതികൾ, which I am trying to recreate in my US kitchen , because I miss those dishes and the naadan taste .
    Also many times I was amazed to see you posting a certain recipe which I have been thinking of making/missing for days ….(some kinda telepathy from east coast to west coast 🙂 …..)
    There is one secret I have to tell you, whenever I make a new dish my husband asks which recipe you followed, I tell him YOY, then he is at peace and asks no more questions because he knows its going to be flawless.. 😉
    My favourite ones are : Nadan kozhikal fry
    Koottu curry (both versions), Kaalan, shrimp biriyani , Kothu porotta, …its a never ending list

    എല്ലാ ആശംസകളും …Hope and pray that we can celebrate 10th and 15th anniversaries too …May God Almighty bless you with all happiness in life …


  30. Jinu says:

    Hi Maya,

    Happy anniversary!!
    Have tried a lot of recipes and love them all ..
    To pick two I would go with Curry leaf pepper chicken and pressure cooker chicken biryani.
    already love your recipes and the presentations as an added suggestion I would love to see videos sort of like cookery shows.


  31. Anu says:

    Congratulations, Maya on your blog’s fifth anniversary!My two favourite receipes are kerala beef biriyani and easy cardomon cake.Thank you for sharing recipes .I love your step by step guide with pictures.

  32. Sujai says:

    Congrats Maya.All your recipes are so yummy Oh yummy

  33. sheena says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed all your recipes I tried. Butter chicken was heavenly. I loved appam, restaurant style chicken curry, cardamom cake, tomato theyal , fish fried rice and many more recipes

  34. sheena says:

    Congratulations and keeping posting more. Please post some crockpot recipes.

  35. devi says:

    Hi maya..
    I know u through sara pradeep my friend and cooking genius..tried to make your sweet boli again and again and now I am good at boli which is my personal favorite from childhood days..we don’t get it since we r away from home..recently I made and distributed 10 bolis in my daughter’s preschool mommys and some of them wanted recipes and I gave ur website link instantly. I gave them to my cousin sister who also loves yummyoyummy receipes..and i also have tried to make the oil less chicken fry in cooker using leg piece also and since then sticking on with that receipe when fry is orderreed at home..tried to make the pavakka fry also but since I had used toomuch oil only I ate them..finally.. I dint know anything much than to make tea even after one year of marriage since we lived in a joint family and MlL was always there to save the day..but since past two three years I have been googling and making lot of try out dishes for the family..even if I don’t win here I know coz of your website..I am able to enjoy boli again and again with paalpayasam..missing homely food nomore..Goodluck to your site also..tc !!!

  36. Beena says:

    Loved the Tapioca Fish balls!

  37. Sumitha says:

    Congrats Maya on your 5th Anniversary !! Wishing many more successful years of blogging …

    I have tried many of you recipies are

    Mango Pie
    Kerala Mutta Roast
    Mushroom Roast

  38. nicole dz says:

    It is so hard to choose just two favorite recipes, but I really am into the soup and chili recipes right now. I live in Michigan so the weather is chilly, so any recipe to warm me up to get me through this weather it awesome on here and a life saver, and thank you for taking the time to celebrate with us like this!

  39. Revathy says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary..Your recipes are simple and the pic presentation is good.Have tried lot of recipes ,but my all time favourite is” one pot veg biriyani” and “Soya Chunks / Meal Maker Roast..then brussel vanpayar thoran thats good and curry leaf checken curry,banana bread and many more recipes..

  40. Neenu says:

    Happy 5th anniversary to yummy o yummy.
    I am a fan of your blog and your recipes…thank you..
    May God Almighty bless you with all happiness in life
    Few of my favorite recipes from your blog are
    Easy Tomato Pulissery
    Chicken Biriyani
    Tomato Fish..etc

  41. Sree says:

    Hi Maya,

    Happy 5th Anniversary! Its hard to choose which recipe is our family favorite. YummyOYummy website has been bookmarked in all my tech gadgets so I can take a look at what was the latest recipe published. I look at this website almost everyday to give me ideas on what I shall cook for the day, be it easy school lunch recipe or dinner recipe. I like the way you have made cooking simple and enjoyable process. Carry on the good work.

    Best Wishes!

  42. Mariyam says:

    Happy anniversary 🙂 Wishing you more success and happiness! And looking forward to loads of recipes from all around the world. I found your blog 2 years ago, when I started cooking by myself and was searching for ‘thenga aracha meen curry’. Since then I am here almost every other day looking for recipes and inspiration. Along with the above mentioned recipe, tilapia peera and chicken puffs are the most repeated if your recipes at our home. Thank you !

  43. Binsy says:

    Hi Maya, Congrats on the 5 year mark! I lik the fact that your recipes are healthy and do not compromise on taste. I really loved the pressure cooker chicken fry recipe from your dad. The school box and kids recipes are very helpful.

  44. Anitha mohan says:

    Hi Maya, today I got all my ingredients for pavakka achar which u have posted and going to try tat…so happy to know tat u r celebrating ur 5th year of blogging…great work…thanks for all wonderful receipies…looking forward for more…

  45. Vinita says:

    Congratulations on the 5th year anniversary of your blog! Thank you for always posting awesome recipes that help all your readers. I am avid user of your blog and have taken inspiration for day to day cooking or making specials. My favorite section is the Kerala Dishes and North Indian. I have a lot of favorites from the blog but if I had to pick a couple it would be Chemeen Vada and Pressure Cooker Mutton Biryani! I wish you all the best and thank you again for your time and effort!!

  46. Margot C says:

    Many congratulations Maya! I have been learning how to make Indian food. I like your Crispy Chicken Pakoras (though I had to wait for my hot chili powder to come in the mail from My Spice Sage) and your Kabuli Chana Biriyani. Maybe you should do a promotion with My Spice Sage, they have the best Indian stuff that I have found on the net – or advise me about someone even better!

  47. Jayasree says:

    I am following your website for around 5 years now,I do remember initially one cousin of yours named lekshmi used to put different recipes.Being from kerala most of your dishes have that touch ,my family likes the taste,I did tell to my SIL abt this website when they came to US.All round I have tried many dishes from your website and all came good.Starting from kerala fish biriyani ,chickpea salad,flan recipe,strawberry smoothee,aval payasam,pulav to avial,chicken curry different kind.All in all I like them and I am still following.Thanks a lot for providing all the dishes and the ingredients are in correct proportion that results in good taste.

  48. Sree says:

    Hey Maya,

    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. Wishing you all success in your upcoming years.. Keep blogging; you truly is an inspiration for many people including me. Have tried many recipes like your ice creams, white chana vegetable ularthu etc all came out great. The best thing which i love about your blog is that you include step by step pictures. Waiting for more tasty recipes..

  49. Lakshmi says:

    Congratulations and keep up the great work.. You truly is an inspiration for me to cook.. Waiting for more recipes 🙂

  50. Ammu says:

    Happy Anniversary and thanks much for awesome tasty recipes..

  51. Srini says:

    Congratulations Maya! And Happy 5th anniversary!! The key details and the step-by-step pictures that accompany these recipes makes it so much easier for everyone to follow and try them!

    Keep up the good work and I sincerely wish your blog many more years of success ahead! 🙂

  52. shebi says:

    congrats YOY! i open ur page almost evryday.i have tried more than 20 recipes. i love ur chciken alfredo,chocolate chip cookies,jam cookies,onam recipes,muffins,pepper curry leaf chicken (its too good),braided bread,chicken soup(yum),spicy prawn fry(its finger-licking good),paneer tikka rolls(must try recipe),tandoori chicken(helped me a lot whenever hosting parties),puffs,fish nuggets(must try esp if u want kids to eat fish),fajitas,.well its not gonna end. keep going. i learnt cooking from u! thanks a bunch maya! may god bless u.

  53. Ruby says:

    Congratulations and all the best.. Thanks much for wonderful recipes… Tried most of it and all came out great… Tried even the newest recipe truffle 🙂

  54. Madam your recipes are really Yummy Yummy worth your name very delicious. We really enjoy. God Bless U.

  55. Bindu Radhakrishnan says:

    Happy Anniversary! The best part about your blog that got me attracted too is the step-by-step pictures of the recipes, plus the ingredients/procedures in most naadan recipes complements my family’s taste buds.

  56. Sagarika says:

    Awesome work Maya, Congratulations !! I have been following your recipes from 2012 and appreciate your dedication, creativity and real work. Hats off to you 🙂
    Tried most of your recipes like Chicken drumstick fry – Less oil version, Gobi Taka tak, spicy egg curry -kerala style, Chilli Chicken roast, Baked Chicken Falutas and list goes on. Best part of your recipes is they are simple, easy & not time consuming. I have impressed many of my guests through your recipes and shared your blog link with them.
    Keep the good work. I am looking forward for kids friendly (bite size & eye catchy) recipes from you. All the best 🙂

  57. Judy says:

    Congratulations from Texas! Your site has been a go-to place for me to find new things to experiment. Not one fail yet! I always tell my friends of all colors and creed about your site…so many other cultures love Indian food but it is a mystery to cook it. Your recipes are great to follow and pictures are so helpful. My Caucasian and Mexican friends are checking out your site as we speak. Kudos!

  58. Lissa says:

    Congratulations . Thank you for wonderful recipes. Tried several recipes. came out good.

  59. Sri says:

    Hi Maya,
    Congratulations on completing 5 years of food blogging. You are doing an amazing job. I love your blog specially for – the simplicity (not overcrowded with props), the step by step instructions are precise and easy to follow and of course all the yummy dishes.

    I have tried many recipes from this blog. Two of my most favorite will be masala kootu curry and Chicken pakoras. Continue the good work and keep us inspiring to cook. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes with us. All the best.

  60. Sherin says:

    Congratulations ! Love, love, love your website! I have tried many of your recipes and they all out come out great. What I love most about your website is the step by step directions ( for those of us who are new to cooking, this is a huge help) , the pictures that accompany it and the accuracy of it all! They always come out tasting great if you follow the recipe perfectly. I love Kerala cuisine and had been looking for a website like this for a while now. Thank you so much for creating a great website and for sharing your knowledge and skills with the rest of us!

  61. Neel says:

    Congrats on your 5th anniversary.. I am a frequent visitor of your blog. All the recipes I have tried came out well.. My favorites are parippu vada, chicken cutlet, semiya payasam and kottayam style fish curry. Thanks a lot for the yummy recipes…

  62. Chitra says:

    Hi Maya,

    Congratulations on the big milestone ! Your blog is one of the best Malayali blog I have come across.I love all your recipes,especially the Central Travancore style recipes in your blog are a great success in my family. my personal favorites are Chicken drumstick curry and fish biriyani.your pictures are definitely drool worthy too.great going Maya ! I wish you all the best.looking forward for more delicious recipes from the yummyoyummy kitchen.

  63. Ancy says:

    Hey Mayachech! I love using your recipes esp for indian cooking as supposed to other websites/blogs because your recipes call for products we get in the US so it’s really easy for me to understand and follow. And I also love the fact that they are short and precise with pictures. My two favorite recipes include nadan kozhi stew and nadan beef curry. Take care!

  64. Rea says:

    Congratulations on crossing this milestone. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes with us. All the best.

  65. babitha costa says:

    congrats dear,How could i write one or two recipes ,i love each and every one you share with the stunning pictures.keep rocking

  66. Latha says:

    Congratulations and all the best … Waiting for more recipes…

  67. Sarina says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I am a biriyani lover and started making good biriyani using your recipe. Thank you and expecting many more wonderful recipes

  68. Jaya Udayasankar says:

    Congrats Maya on your blog’s 5th anniversary! Thanks for sharing the recipes with step by step directions and pictures. I have tried most of your recipes and they all turned out to be good – Soya Chunks Roast, Vegetarian chili, Chicken and vegetable stir fry , Kerala spicy egg curry, Tilapia peera,no machine strawberry and mango ice creams, Chembu Astram, Fish curry.Thanks for sharing wonderful recipes.All the best for the future and expecting more recipes.

  69. PoonamGaur says:

    Hi Maya,congratulations for completing five years of your blog.I have tried your children kuzhambu,curd Quinoa and some chicken recipes.Whenever I have guests at home,I simply follow your recipes and my guests always love the food.
    All the best and looking forward for many more recipes in future.

  70. Derryl says:

    Congrats!! Keep this going forever!

  71. Sherin says:

    Congrats for completing 5 years. I have tried many of your recipe and it was really great. All the best for the future and wishing many more recipes to come.

  72. dhanya says:

    Congrats Maya for completing 5 years of this blog. I tried your mango ice cream, Christmas fruit cake. All the recipes were very helpful with each step with pictures and instructions. Good luck and waiting for new recipes.

  73. Aparna says:

    Hi Maya,

    Congratulations to you and yummy o yummy team… So my helper yummy o yummy is 5 year old 🙂 literally she is a big time savor for me a lot of times when I struggle to relish my guests with variety dishes…

    My all time favourite is the boli which was a huge hit as my hubby and myself love it….

    My second favorite recipe is the simple but yet yummy mattar pulav…

    All the best and wish you many many more years of celebrations

  74. Reshmi Puthanveedu says:

    Hi Maya,
    My favorite recipes from ur blog are Methi pulav and potato mapas. My husband is also a great cook, he likes ullitheeyal the best. we make vellakadala vegetables ularthu at least once in 2 weeks, to have it with kanji..the combo rocks u know 🙂 curd quinoa is yet another family favorite recipe..keep posting tasty recipes.. All the best to u..god bless u and ur family

  75. Reshma Rajesh says:

    Maya Dear,

    Hearty Congratulations on your achievement! As you know I have tried many of your recipes and your daal spinach and chicken kurma have run many reruns in my kitchen…. I love the simplicity and orderliness of your recipes….

    here’s to many many more years of happy blogging……

    Reshma chechi

  76. Abhitha says:

    Hi Maya,
    Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of our Yummy O Yummy. I am a frequent visitor of your blog and all the recipes I tried came out very well and was a hit. I like the way you present the recipes, simple with step by step instructions and awesome pictures. Your Kerala Sadya recipes rocks!!! All the best for future and thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes with us!!!

  77. Ramya says:

    Kudos Maya for your dedication. Saw a giveaway and who doesn’t like an Oppurtunity to win something 😀 I have been gluten free lately and so my only suggestions is you have some gluten free recipies for people like me! Continue your awesome work!!!

  78. Niveditha Rajesh says:

    Hi Mayachechi.. Congrats on your YOY’s 5th anniversary…. I’ve been a silent follower of YOY since 2013.. I am a big fan of your recipe and you :)… I started my cooking practice with YOY… I found the exact taste of kerala food in US through YOY….Whenever we want to eat traditional tasty food,1st i search at YOY… Your presentation of each recipe is amazing with stunning pictures and easy to understand each line… l tried lot of your recipes and it came out good… Our favorites of your recipes are chicken mappas, curry leaf pepper chicken, tomato rasam, varutharacha meen curry, ney payasam etc… I love YOY…. Best wishes…. keep going chechi…. 🙂

  79. VJ says:

    Hope you enjoy and cover more milestones. I’ll mention two recipes – cardomaom cake which I loved for its simplicity and the no machine ice cream which evoked a lot of childhood memories. Those recipes are the best which make you remember our moms…..

  80. Shyama says:

    Congratulations my dear Maya for such a yummy milestone. I am really blessed to have found your blog, which marked yet another blessing in my life which is YOU. I am so happy for you and for every success you have achieved, which are well deserved. Wishing YOY all success and many many many more milestones. To name two favorites are difficult as you know that i love everything about YOY

  81. Nitha says:

    congrats on your anniversary. Picking one recipe is hard. I think I’m a huge fan of your chicken varattiyathu with coconut milk.

  82. Nija says:


  83. saumya says:

    Hii Maya,
    Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary of your blog…. you are doing a great job maya by sharing mouthwatering and yummy kerala dishes and international cuisines… i am a big fan of your kerala cuisines and have tried most of it… well its a tough job to pick any two or three of my favourite dish as there are many…. but i should say nadan chicken curry and varuthearacha meen curry are the favourites of me and my family… and to tell you maya its a great gesture from your side to thank your readers with gifts as i have not seen it any other food blog… keep up the good work… and waiting for more yummy recipes from you…


  84. Annu says:

    Congrats on your 5th anniversary.. I love almost all your recipes. But my favorites are Beef biriyani, Chicken pakoras and cookies..

  85. sumy says:

    Congrats Maya!! I must say your blogs did help me get through after marriage food cooking crisis. Not knowing much abt cooking your blogs definately gave me a way out. Thank you and wish u the best.

  86. Ranjini Prakash says:

    Hey Maya,

    Congratulations on your 5th b’day 🙂
    You have made my life so much easier! I really like the way you put pictures of your recipes…makes it very easy to follow. It’s very difficult to pick any two favorites… but would say Aloo methi and Thai chicken basil fried rice 🙂
    Wishing you all the best!


  87. Radha says:

    Congratulations. Follow your blog on facebook too. Wish you all the best. In case my name gets chosen, this is for my brother in the US.

  88. Julee says:

    Congrats!!! i am your silent follower … tried chicken fry ( dont know the same excatly, pressure cook and fry) also parippu payasam.. try to put video shows pls

  89. Deepa says:

    Congrats on the 5th anniversary. Yummy o yummy is one of my favorite food blog. Two of my favourite recipes are chicken biriyani and quinoa soup.

  90. Minnu says:

    Hey congrats on your achievement.I love most of your recipes especially pal payasam and less oil version of chicken fry.I think pictures are the highlight of your blog.You really need to share tips on how you manage cooking and clicking pictures with a toddler. 🙂 Why don’t you try vlogging as well?Also looking forward to more seasonal recipes.

  91. Bridget says:

    I grew up loving Pineapple upside down cake and never even knew it was that easy to make until I came across your recipe for it here. And it comes out even tastier than the ones I have eaten back home. Felt so very thankful that people like you share your knowledge like this.

    And the sadya recipes are all great as well and can’t wait for next Onam to try those.

    Keep posting.


  92. Julie says:

    Hi Maya!

    Wow!! Hearty congrats on a wonderful 5 yr anniversary. I like everything about your blog, wish I had some suggestion to give- but there is none.

    Things I like the most in your blog:
    1. The presentation- It is very neat and clear with the pictures that you put at every step.
    2. The steps are easy to follow, as they are pretty detailed, and you give tips as well. Quantities are perfect.
    3. When in doubt, you are always available to answer questions over a phone call:-)
    4. Last but most imp, in a nutshell- I must say that however complicated the dish is, it gives the reader an urge or a temptation to try out the dish.

    I have many recipes from your blog, and nothing has failed yet, Chicken mappas, Fish biriyani, Mango pie, shami kabab, Paneer matter, Palak paneer, Basboosa, Appam recipe by Manju and few more which I cant recollect now.

    Wishing you many many more years of blogging and keep cooking!!

    Love and regards

  93. Sneha says:

    Congrats!…since this is for US, I am entering for my friend V in US who needs one of these giveaways…both of us follow your blog and experiment with your dishes…naadan recipes are hard to recreate abroad so this pachaka recipes are worth their weight in gold! it helps us newbies to pass on tradition through food cooked lovingly to rest of the family…kallapam, chicken curry, sadya recipes all are great!…wish you the best!

  94. Rakhi says:

    I am a great follower of ur blog, what to say almost everyday I surf through the different delicacies in the blog, the pictures , the descriptions ,inspires me to try out new items. My favorites are one pot veg biriyani ,curry leafy pepper chicken..varutharacha sambar (Immade thrissurkkaarde)
    Congrats on completing 5 years!All the best wishes in all ur future ventures.. On the next visit to Kerala, surely will search to get the cookbook!

    Keep up the good job Maya! And let the divine aroma of your recipes spread in every kitchen! God bless!


  95. Christy says:

    Wow congrats ! Way to go girls !
    Beauty with purpose !
    Awe I missed it

  96. Soumya says:

    Maya, Congrats on the 5th Anniversary. I love all your recipes. My all time favorites are your Beef chilly roast and Chicken puffs.
    Love and Regards

  97. Maria says:

    Congrats Maya! Well-deserved acclaim!
    I like your Kerala recipes including all the seafood recipes like Allepey fish curry, mussels fry, trissur fish curry etc. I also like your kerala veg recipes like Avial, Cheruppayar thoran etc.
    As a suggestion, if you can keep the ingredients list confined to one page. It is easier to identify while cooking. Maybe you can reduce the space between the ingredient items.
    Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.

    • Maya Akhil says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Maria!
      We tried adjusting the space but its not turning out well. I think it has to do with the theme we use right now. Hopefully will move to another theme in near future to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience..

  98. Shilpa Chandran Arunvijay says:

    Maya, so who are the lucky winners? Congratulations on your blog dear. One fact I have to tell you is, for the past 5-6 years, I never had to browse other websites or blogs for any recipes I wanted. All I had to do was go to yummyoyummy! Utterly delicious, healthy, mouthwatering recipes and drool worthy pictures and awesome presentation of recipes – you got all the ingredients right for a perfect cooking blog 😊
    Love, a content fan!

  99. Maya Akhil says:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Shilpa! 🙂 I am really happy to know that you are enjoying the recipes that I post here. Its such comments that keeps me going.
    You can find the three winners in the post below. Thanks again for your support and encouragement!

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