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Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake

A rich, moist and delicious chocolate cake..takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare the batter. Thank you @kailas_sivaraj for this amazing recipe! Ingredients Recipe Courtesy – Kailas_sivaraj All purpose flour / maida –  1 cup Sugar – 1 cup Cocoa powder – 1/2 cup Baking...

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Kolkata Fish Biriyani

Ingredients (Serves 5) 1. Basmati Rice – 2.5 cups, soaked in enough water for 20 minutes and drained well     Whole spices – bay leaf – 1, cardamom – 6, cloves – 6, cinnamon stick – 3/4 inch     Ghee – 1.5 tsp      Water – As required...

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Shrimp Ghonto

    Today I have a Bengali special dish – Ghonto. Ghonto is a mixed vegetable dish that can be prepared with different kinds of vegetables like potato, carrot, green beans, spinach, cabbage, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd etc. The mixed vegetable ghonto that I...

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Shami Kebabs

Today’s recipe is from one of my dear friends – my neighbor and a wonderful cook Zahera Ummat! People who live here in the U.S might know what I mean if I say that, I got friendly with my neighbors just recently i.e. from the time spring season is on! Although we moved to our new...

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