Vishu Kani And Our Sadya Vibhavangal

 Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Vishu!!!









   We had planned for an elaborate write-up about Vishu, Kerala Sadya and to post all the Sadya dishes before Vishu but somehow it did not happen. So we are sharing with you all the sadya dishes that we have prepared and posted(except kadumanga achar) until now. Please click on each picture for it’s recipe. We have posted many different kinds of thoran in our space but in our household we usually prepare cabbage thoran or green jackfruit thoran for sadya. Many dishes like Vishu kanji, sharkkarapuratti, upperi, injithayir, beetroot kichadi, ada pradhaman, pal payasam, sambharam, rasam etc etc are also missing but hopefully we will able to complete posting all these dishes before onam or by next Vishu :).




Inji Curry


Kadumanga Achar


Naranga Achar



Cabbage Thoran






Koottu Curry






Pavakka Kichadi


Pineapple Pachadi


Sadya Parippu Curry

















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