Beef Vindaloo

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  1. Roshan says:

    spicy, yummy, tempting……slurp…

  2. Priya says:

    Mouthwatering beef vindaloo, my hubby will definitely love this..

  3. An Open Book says:

    oh my god that just seriously made me drool..i am def bookmarking this one…i guess il make it in a pressure cooker though

  4. The color looks so tempting and delightful presentation..Love all the pictures..Beef kazhikathathu konde njan chicken vachitu try cheyyam tttoo..

  5. Swathi says:

    Looks delicious i will try with potato nice recipe.

  6. Absolutely delicious,really tempting hubby will definitely love this

  7. Truly makes me drool. I will try it with chicken !!

  8. Good work Maya.. Keep it up.

  9. Beef kazhikuilla, but athinte colour kandalariyam oru sambhavam thanne anennu… will surely try this with mutton..:)

  10. Satya says:

    i love the name vindaloo hubby other day come n asked satya why don’t u make vindaloo for me …but i don’t have any idea of this dish there any veggie version of this ??hope u don’t mind i am really want prepare ..


  11. Nitha says:

    kidilan aayittunde.. love that colour.. kothi varunnundo ennu samshayam.. alla sherikkum varunnunde..

  12. nice presentation… looks lovely..

  13. Pavithra says:

    Your step pictures are always class..looks so delicious..

  14. Jay says:

    wow…looks so delicious…

    Tasty Appetite

  15. very colorful and looks yummy….

  16. Superb.Looks irresistible!kandal ariyam athinte oru taste.

  17. looks fantastic
    hope you join the event in my site

  18. An Open Book says:

    tried this out with was yum 🙂

  19. Anu says:

    Today i tried beef vindaloo, entamo:)))) Super super. i became a serious viewer of your blog. Thanks for sharing wonderful recipes

  20. Yummy Team says:

    You’re welcome 🙂 Hope you continue to enjoy our recipes..Thanks for your feedback..

  21. I tried beef vindaloo. It was so yummy. Thanks for the recipe…

  22. Yummy Team says:


    Thanks a lot for trying this recipe. Glad to know that you liked it :). Please keep visiting.

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