Keema Aloo (Minced Meat with Potatoes)

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  1. jaisy says:

    superbb never tried keema with potato. looks yummy. perfect for chappathi. nice clicks too

  2. Shania says:

    That keema aloo was really delicious. My three-year-old daughter just loved it and so did I. I am a regular follower of your blogs and recipes. I love all your recipes. I always look forward for your new recipes. Thanks for posting different recipes from all over the world that are easy to make too. Good luck and lots of wishes to “yummy o yummy” website.
    NB: Whenever I make something new, my friends always say “This might be from Yummy O yummy, right 😉 !!!”

  3. Tehera St says:

    Dear Yummy o Yummy,

    thank for sharing your delicious recipes, love them!

  4. Sherry says:

    Came out greAt
    Thank u

  5. shaku says:

    can I use beef?

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