Vegetable Stuffed Omelet / Egg Recipes

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  1. Suja Manoj says:

    Love the filling,looks yum

  2. rashmi says:

    Lovely breakfast idea…..I wud also like 2habit sum cut fruits&croissants…yummy….

  3. I think i wold like to try this menu… Yummyyyy…

  4. Goldilocks says:

    Could you please mention when the Italian seasoning is added? I’d love it if you were to come up with quick and nutritious recipes (be it breakfast, lunch or dinner!!!:)) for students like me!!! I love your site and I can’t wait to go home and prepare some of these delicious recipes for my Mom and Dad!!! Keep up the good work!!!:D

  5. Hakim Mahmud says:

    thanks you Maya because sharing this menu.. I gonna try this .

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