Easy Pineapple Dessert

 Pineapple pudding

   Attention Friends!!! Did you hear the latest news about Yummy O Yummy??? Well, all those who follow YOY Facebook page might know already! Yes, YOY recipes got featured in Vanitha, one of the most popular magazine for women in India! This is one of the best moments in my life 🙂

   I got the opportunity to talk to Ms. Merly Eldo, Vanitha senior editor during my last visit to Kerala. She asked me for the recipes, and told she will come home for the shoot. Then, one fine day, she came to my home at Tiruvalla along with Vanitha photographer Sreekanth Kalarickal to capture the pictures(thanks to Merly Ma’m for helping me style the dishes). The day turned out to be very very hectic, not to mention exhaustive, but thankfully went well. My poor mother had a tough time helping me out 🙂 I had to prepare and plate 10 dishes, and it got completed within a few hours. And now, the result is out !!! Getting YOY recipes on Vanitha feels amazingly awesome:) I am now waiting eagerly for the hard copy.


  To celebrate this accomplishment,  I have  a very easy yet awesome dessert recipe. This recipe was a star at a potluck party held recently. This Pineapple dessert was made by a friend, Divya Santhosh. There were loots of yummy and spicy food that evening. And, this dessert was the perfect ending to all that yummy food. It was light, refreshing and simply yummy. Everyone loved this dessert and asked Divya for the recipe. I got the recipe too and  decided to post it here so you all could give it a try 🙂 

This recipe calls for only 3 ingredients – condensed milk, cool whip and crushed pineapple. Combine the 3 ingredients and place in the refrigerator for 5 – 6 hrs until set. And you’re done!


Crushed pineapple – 20 oz

Condensed milk – 1/2 tin or to taste

Cool whip – 1 tub (8 oz)


Drain the crushed pineapple. Combine the condensed milk, cool whip and crushed pineapple in a large bowl. Transfer to small dessert bowls or to a large bowl  and refrigerate until set. Yummy pineapple dessert is ready to serve..Enjoy!


You can replace cool whip with homemade whipped cream. Beat 1.5 cup cold whipping cream until stiff peaks form, add condensed milk, crushed pineapple and mix well. Refrigerate for 5 – 6 hrs until set.

DSC_0975DSC_0977DSC_0979 DSC_0980


Pineapple pudding

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Maya Akhil

Wife, Mother, Blogger and above all, an ardent lover of good food. I cook, serve, and eat with almost the same passion. The divine aroma that fills the kitchen when I cook or bake is simply what keeps me going!

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  • Congrats Maya on your accomplishments!!! I’m an avid follower of your blog and have tried a lot of recipes over the years…never left a comment though (sorry about that).
    You give detailed instructions that are very easy to follow and the step by step photos are a great addition too!!! Keep up the good work, keep posting new recipes and good luck!!!

  • Congrats dear.. Read vanitha .. and dint notice that its u … wil try them… and whats this criushed pineapple ? Processed one ? What I have is fresh fruit pineapple ..

  • Congratulations Maya! You would be feeling awsome. . I can’t say I have seen a lot of food style magazines.. but from what is seen, vanitha always came out with awsome pictures which make food look super inviting.. kinda worldclass for me.. looking forward to see your recipes in hard copy soon..

  • Yesterday I experimented the easy pineapple dessert, but unfortunately that turned out bitter. I followed the exact receipe, may be it is the pineapple ripeness I thought. Please suggest if any thoughts or similar experience.

    • Sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out well. You need to use canned pineapple for this recipe. However, if you are using fresh pineapple – cut into small cubes and cook them adding sugar and little water until soft. Drain excess water and cool completely. Crush the cooled pineapple slightly or chop finely and then proceed with the recipe. Hope it turns well next time. Thanks for your comment!

  • Maya, made this dessert y’day and loved it – such an easy recipe!!!
    Whipping cream is a bit boring and monotonous .. I don’t have an electric whipper , hence had the cream swirl around in my Vitamix for a few seconds and easily got the soft peaks consistency.
    I didn’t want to waste the half tin condensed milk, so used to same recipe to make a peach version with canned sliced peaches crushed into pieces instead of the pineapple. I loved the peach version better 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the recipe for this easy delicious treat!

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Maya Akhil

Wife, Mother, Blogger and above all, an ardent lover of good food. I cook, serve, and eat with almost the same passion. The divine aroma that fills the kitchen when I cook or bake is simply what keeps me going!

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