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Mixed Noodles

  Ingredients Noodles – Around 200 gm (You can use any variety of noodles) Chicken breast – 1 breast half,  sliced to strips and cooked with little pepper powder and salt  Shrimp – A handful (I used the frozen cooked...


Layered Sandwich

       Here is the recipe for a tasty sandwich from vanitha magazine. Use whatever vegetables, fruits or spreads you prefer so that you will really enjoy your sandwich. For example you could also use avocado slices, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, zucchini,...


Palak(Spinach),Beetroot,Carrot Chapati

      Chapati can be made more delicious and nutritious by adding some vegetables to it. Here is a chapati recipe where I used spinach, beetroot and carrot. You can substitute it with vegetables of your choice and can serve this...