Banana Bread

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  1. Anonymous says:

    when do you bananas to the mixture?

  2. Yummy Team says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention it..I have updated it..Thanks for pointing it out..

  3. Arunan says:

    excellent.. but it is more or less like fruit cake, no?

  4. ARUNA says:

    looks super delicious!!!

  5. Yummy Team says:

    Thanks a lot..

  6. Yummy Team says:

    It is a cake-like bread but not a fruit cake. Fruit cake is made with dried fruits and nuts which are soaked in alcohol. I guess you can call it a banana cake 🙂

  7. BRM says:

    yo …thats baked and it looks delicious too…! woohh…!!
    way to Go.. !!

  8. Lekshmy says:

    came out good..i was out of apple sause and cinnamon powder…also i added a few raisins and pinch of nutmeg powder..thanks for this easy recipe.

  9. Yummy Team says:

    Thanks a lot..Keep visiting..

    Great to hear that it came out well..Thanks for trying it out..

  10. Preets says:

    Good one,way to go Yummy team!
    I tried the healthy version with whole wheat flour,more honey and some organic sugar,cashews,almonds and raisins and also some blueberries on top.

    I love the fact,this recipe doesn’t need butter at all,you only need 2-3 tsps of oil.
    Made it in a round cake pan,so I would say it’s a Banana Blueberry Cake :-))

  11. Yummy Team says:

    Thanks a lot for trying it. Great to hear that it came out well for you. I had tried a cake with crushed nuts, sugar and blue berries as toppings. I had been planning to add all of them as toppings in my healthier version of banana bread. Also I figured out that the banana cake will come out moist and delicious even without oil or butter! I will post it once I standardize the recipe.

  12. meeras says:

    Great Recipe! It looks yummy..Looking forward to the healthy version..

  13. Rajani says:

    Tried the healthy version of this recipe today with no oil, minimal sugar, blueberries, dry berry fruits and little bit of cracked nuts .. Came out very well .. Thanks for this easy recipe.

    I rate it 5 stars!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I tried this recipe, and came out really well. Pic looks really yummy..!!!

  15. Renjini says:

    could you please let me know what variety of banana can be used for this recipe?

  16. Yummy Team says:

    We used the banana that is available in US which is the same as robust variety in India..

  17. priya says:

    Hi Maya,

    I made this banana bread using 2 robust + 2 small cheru pazhams 🙂 .Rest ass according to the recepe. Also I used 1/2 cup very finely powdered sugar and sunflower oil. It turned out very good.Thanks .

    best regards,

  18. priya says:

    correction of typos 🙂

    Hi Maya,

    I made this banana bread using 2 robust + 2 small cheru pazhams 🙂 .Rest according to the recipe. Also I used 1/2 cup very finely powdered sugar and sunflower oil. It turned out very good.Thanks .

    best regards,

  19. Binsy says:

    I did it and turned it out very nicely. I shared with few of my friends and all of them enjoyed it..!! I love Banana Bread 🙂 Thanks for your recipe!!!

  20. Rashmi says:

    Can we use 1/2 cup butter instead of Canola oil?

  21. Hilda says:

    This is such a great cake! Now I have no worries if I have over-ripe bananas… I had even recommended this recipe to a friend and it was a huge hit at her home too. Way to go!!

  22. saritha says:

    looks yummy!! can u suggest an alternative for canola oil ?

  23. Aysha says:

    How Can I make it eggless?

  24. Tina says:

    Hi Maya..tried your cardomom many’s a big hit ! Thanks for sharing the recipe.Regarding the banana bread to make Apple sauce?is it like steaming the Apple and grind it?can we add walnuts to this while mixing?thanks for your efforts.. God bless you

  25. Cat says:

    So good I didn’t have apple sauce so blitzed a apple in the processes also second time round did it with a pear and added chocolate chips and walnuts this will be my go to banana bread recipe from now on also tried the biryani recipe all good

  26. Devika says:

    Looks yummy😋….Can you please post the healthy version that you have mentioned in the post.

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