Sabudana Vada

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  1. meeras says:

    I havent heard of this snack before..will give it a try..thanks for this recipe..

  2. Tina says:

    Crispy and yummy…

  3. Sashi says:

    Crispy Vada !! Love to have it on a rainy day !! A perfect tea time snack !!

  4. BRM says:

    Its my FAVOURITE Marathi snack..the last time i passed by Pune I got myself five plates of it..its an awesome jelly like snack..we can eat it with chopped raw fruits or with sweetened curd. I of course mix them both .. i add the fruits to the sweetened curd and have the vada dipped in it and to top it .you should have that special brand of Pune Tea..unavailable elsewhere except in Sadashiv Peth , Pune 🙂
    trust me ..AWESOME !!

  5. Yummy Team says:

    meeras, Tina and Sashi,
    Thanks for stopping by..Please keep visiting..

    I will ceratinly try it out if I get a chance to be there. Thanks!

  6. sneh says:


    First time on your blog. great vadas and awesome pics! very tempting, will have to keep checking 🙂

  7. FoodLovers says:

    nice one .. perfect for evening snack

  8. Gulmohar says:

    This is my hubby’s fav..mine too 😉 I want to grab a few of these and a cuppa..ahaa..

  9. i was in search of this recipe..wl try surely… awesome shot dear.. 🙂

  10. raj says:

    yday i tried 2 make this,it was a real flop,it didn’t come as u made,all went apart in the oil,can u help me with some tip to try my luck next time.

  11. Yummy Team says:

    We are really sorry about that, Raj. We don’t have any clue of what went wrong with this recipe but we will definitely share some tips with you. To prevent sabudana vadas from breaking up in the oil, you can add around 2 tbsp of corn flour while mixing the ingredients. You could also try adding more potato next time (2 medium instead of one large). Thanks for the feedback, Raj. We will share these tips in the post too. Let us know how they came out next time.

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