Kanava thoran / Squid Stir fry

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  1. annabel says:

    hi maya…its glad to say that you are making my days so special and delecious!!! ha ha….this squid thoran i tried and it came well…am thankful to u that your site helped me to learn even the basics of cooking..and being a malayalee am proud of you….waiting for your new dishes….all the best for you!!!
    regards ann

  2. Priya says:

    My H will go crazy if he saw this thoran, squid is his all time favourite seafood.

  3. ashia says:

    thnks maya….happy to see this recipe on this blog…..

  4. Vidya says:

    Hi maya…this is a nice recipe… I have a suggestion,that just add one or two pieces of kudampuli while cooking kanava… And you can make mushroom in the same way instead of kanava….

  5. grace says:

    Great recIlpe.thanku

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