Grandma’s Prawn Curry

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  1. Ansu must be a very jolly person. I can truly sense that by the way you describe him in this post. Anyway, I like how you posted this recipe in here with all the images and the likes. My mom loves curry but her favorite is not the prawn one. She likes chicken curry more. She says that it incorporates complex combinations of spices or herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot chillies. But maybe, she’d love to have a taste of this.

  2. mariaK says:

    hi, isnt your moghulai chicken qurma recipe supposed to be here, according to your recipe index – sorry, didnt mean harm, just checking!

  3. Poojitha says:

    This is a fantastic, easy and healthy recipe. My daughter, who is fussy about Indian food, fell in love with this curry, and has been asking for it every week. Thanks for sharing.

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