Vegetable Dum Biriyani

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  1. Seeta says:

    This Biriyani had a strange funky smell instead of nice aroma. I thought it’s from cooking in yogurt. I used non fat branded yogurt. It was a lot of effort to cook & greatly disappointed about the unappetizing smell.

  2. Indhu says:

    Hi Maya,
    Yesterday I tried this biriyani and it came out great!!! My hus and daughter loved it. Its smell and taste are exactly like the one we had from restaurents!!!. You are doing a great job dear. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Keep going. Stay blessed.!!!

  3. Rusheeda Pradeep says:

    Hi Maya… I tried this recipe for the guests we had invited for lunch today… The Biriyani turned out to be awesome… The look, feel and smell was just as if it was made by a professional chef… Thanks a ton for sharing such wonderful and easy-to-follow recipes. Looking forward for more…

  4. Nita says:

    Perfect !…..just made it and relished….added a few fennel seeds too to give an extra punch.
    Thankyou Maya

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