Mixed Sprouts Salad


            Sprouts are full of nutrition and the best source of a balanced food. Sprouts are alkaline in nature and hence improve the health in many respects. They are helpful in complete purification of the body and also improve the disease fighting capacity of the body. Sprouts also increase the nutritional value of food.

  So let us try an easy, nutritional and tasty salad.


Sprouts of

  1. Green gram (cherupayar) -  2 tbsp
  2. Red chori( vanpayar) – 2 tbsp
  3. Fenugreek (oluva) – 1 tbsp
  4. chick peas (kadala) – 1 tbsp


  1. Apple – 1/4 chopped
  2. Pear – 1/4 chopped
  3. Grapes – 1/2 chopped
  4. Pomegranate – 2 tbsp


5. Spring onion – 1, chopped

6. Lemon juice -  1 tbsp

7. Salt – to taste


Mix all the above and serve.You can mix other fruits also.

How to make sprouts?

             Sprouts of kidney beans, fenugreek, gram and other grains can be made in a glass jar or damp cloth. Wash the grains or lentils thoroughly in water at least three to four times. Remove the bad seeds and place the good ones in a glass jar and fill it with four times water. Soak overnight, and spread on a cotton cloth, tie it nicely and keep it aside. During summer season, sprinkle cold water on the sprout  bag prepared in this manner to retain the moisture. Sprouts appear the next morning. The sprouting process takes more time during winter season than summer season. Sprinkle water inside the jar at regular intervals.

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