Vazhakoombu – Vanpayar Thoran

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  1. Jay says:


    Completely a new recipe and very nutritious…Loved your neat n perfect presentation dear.

  2. yes its delicious i know… i use cherupayar instead…

  3. Dear,,perfectly cooked the banana bud..i like banana bud vadais,,tastes yummyy…this thoran goes well with hot rasam rice dear..

  4. Meena says:

    nice thoran…so wonderful-looking…

  5. Healthy side dish dear…
    Looks very tempting
    Thx. for sharing 🙂

  6. I have never eaten this one, but seems your dish is a perfect one to start with…easy and yum

  7. Priya says:

    Wat a beautiful dish, sounds truly new for me..thanks for sharing this thoran..

  8. Rachel says:

    reminds me of my mum’s cuisine

  9. An Open Book says:

    never has this before…but id like 2 try it if i get hold of the vazha koombu…

  10. Wonderful dishes and eye catching presentation…thats yummyoyummy 🙂

  11. Suhaina says:

    very well done. this is my fav with rice and dal curry.
    Rich in proteins and vitamins.Nice click too dears.

  12. Pavithra says:

    Thats wonderful healthy one… I love this kind of curry always…

  13. delicious of our favorite thoran ..really the combination is superb..
    nice photos yarr..yummy yummy food too

  14. Ann says:

    Wow… Looks so good. Very Authentic recipe.

  15. Kamalika says:

    Lovely dish dear….loved the snap of the bloomed banana tree….thanks for sharing the lovely dish…

  16. One of my favorites..But we do not get it in our place..Great dish I have never used any dal in it..Lovely pic too..

  17. Gulmohar says:

    Lovely combo…I add cherupayar sometimes 🙂 vazhakkula photo kidilan 😀

  18. Panchpakwan says:

    This looks very authentic but new dish to me..
    Must be very delicious!!

  19. Wow very tasty looking dish…looks so good 🙂

  20. Malar Gandhi says:

    Like the plantain tree picture, pleasing one. Delicious recipe…quite diff’ from my version, wanna try for sure.

  21. Lovely and delicious looking dish 🙂

  22. Rumana Rawat says:

    This looks very authentic but new dish to me..
    Must be very delicious, and Picture is also good!!

  23. healthy choice dear…nice click

  24. Nisha says:

    Remembered home and mom seeing your recipe and pics.

  25. meeras says:

    Beautiful pics!! Love this thoran..

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