Achappam/Rose Cookies

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  1. Yummies..Beautiful looking Achappams..Looks so crispy and crunchy..
    kurach parcel cheythere ketto 🙂

    Kairali sisters

  2. Jennifurla says:

    THose are gorgeous, I have never seen these before.

  3. Umm Mymoonah says:

    OMG! I love these achappams, my grandmother used to make it, even my mom never made, you girls are really great for making these perfect looking achappams, looks so crispy and crunchy.

  4. achappam one of our favorite snack..i forgot to bring the achappm missing this snack..happy to see this favorite snack ..nice one da

  5. Rach says:

    Oh, I just love to snack on this anythime. This one looks so yummy and perfect… Just the way u say it Yummy o yummy 🙂

  6. They have come out perfectly. Amma also makes it Andhra style (without egg) and we call it “gulab puvvulu”. I love them. My mom usually makes them during diwali 🙂

  7. Omg! Very nice,My mom will make this.That amazing.

  8. I have eaten this when I was a kid. The sweet version is what I like best. And no eggs were used to make it. It has come out lovely. I am so in love with it. Yummy job, team!

  9. achappam looks crunchy and yummy…

  10. divya says:

    Yummiest..Beautiful looking roses..Looks so crispy and crunchy..

  11. OMG! my favorite snack..very nice and crispy,I too forgot to bring the mould:(.. love achappams!

  12. Fathima says:

    OMG! Just the perfect achappams… it is an item on my to-do list… these look great and just like the store bought ones – just professional!

  13. Nitha says:

    yummy achappams… kandittu kothi varunnunde..

  14. looks perfect and crispy 🙂

  15. BeenaShylesh says:

    kazhijillakill kurachu enjottu ayachu tha plz…nannayittundu keto…penna pacha aripodi ennu vacha rost chyathathu ennu anno…..yithinntta achu vangannam….

  16. Deepti says:

    Perfect Achappams !! I’m Ready with a cup of Tea…Plz pass me some yaar !!

  17. Anu says:

    Yummy… Perfect dear…

  18. Priya says:

    Beautiful and cute rose cookies, had it long back…truly tempting..

  19. An Open Book says:

    oh my god i so want one badly…wish u were staying somewhere near my house and id be an unannounced guest all the time 🙂

  20. Vrinda says:

    Beautiful crispy achappam..yum yummm

  21. Sarah Naveen says:

    Adipoli….sammathichirikkunnu..ithokke undakkan nalla kshama venam….
    veedinte address onnu thannal njan angu vannekkam….

  22. Panchpakwan says:

    Wow..Love these…but never knew how they are made..thx for sharing..

    Where did you get that cute mould?

  23. Priti says:

    Oh my…this reminds me of my childhood days….yummy..wish to grab some 😉

  24. says:

    Wow these look beautiful.New recipe to me never come across it before.I am a big fan of kitchen gadgets and these little moulds are amazing.I wonder where I can get them from??

  25. Sayantani says:

    love these rose shaped cutesy cookies.

  26. wow… really good ,my mom use to make this…

  27. This is one of my favourite snack. Beautiful presentation. They look very professional and yummy.

  28. These look so pretty…and delicious!

  29. Manju says:

    How many Achappams would this yield?

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