Bread Fruit Stir Fry/Sheema(Cheema)/Kadachakka Mezhukkupuratti

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  1. shriya says:

    I am missin it here. Very yummy and delicious looking fry. Mouthwatering!!

  2. wow..kidu ennoke parajal pora kikikidu..Amme ethonnum kazhikunnal bhagayam ee aduthala kalathonnum undakum ennu thonanillalo..

    Kairali sisters

  3. delcious and yum…… to me…great presentation

  4. divya says:

    This fry looks very delicious and colorful…lovely presentation..

  5. Mezhukupuratti aathyamayitta kannunne… usually we make the thoran/stir fry… this looks great… and easy to make too

  6. Suhaina says:

    wow. my mom used to make chips with it. Nice clicks. You gals are making me drool here. Very simple recipe but lovely dish never to be missed.

  7. Wow U girls always rocking differently,Too gud…
    Very healthy also…

  8. Nithu Bala says:

    great recipe girls..yummy..thanks for sharing..

  9. GayathriRaj says:

    Hey what is that actually…bread fruit is something first time im hearing….but i have seen that before….definaitely have to try it….thats so nice special unique dish…

  10. Aps says:

    I m missing bread fruit like hell 🙁 I want then ryt now ryt now….. Yummmmm

  11. i love breadfruit,i usually fry it and this stir fry too sounds great, easy as well…thanks for sharing it

  12. i like the thoran with this sheemachakka..the mezhukkupiratti looks delicious.very i think its the season,once we got it frm the in market..
    nice pics..guys

  13. Wow, never thought, we could stir fry it like this 🙂

  14. BeenaShylesh says:

    hoooo yithu ok yavida ninnum kittunnu……husintta vittyil yithu oru padu undu..

  15. Jay says:

    that’a a very nutritious recipe dear.

  16. M D says:

    Oh Wow! Breadfruit! My fav! Loved this one!

  17. looks delicious and very tempting dear 🙂

  18. Priya says:

    Yet to put my hands on breadfruit, never tried anything with this..Stir fry looks fabulous..

  19. Pari says:

    hey, this looks so much like the jackfruit, I am yet to try this and it looks very tempting.

  20. Padhu says:

    Though heard of this but have never tasted it .It looks like jackfruit.So tempting!

  21. Umm Mymoonah says:

    It’s been a verrrry long time since i had these bread fruit, your stir fry looks so tempting and delicious

  22. An Open Book says:

    i have never had this ever…sounds interesting

  23. says:

    I have never cooked with this fruit/veg before.It looks interesting.

  24. vineetha says:

    Kittatha sadhanam noki vellam iraki iraki mathiyayi..ayyo eniku ithu venammmmmmmm 🙂

  25. Yummy they look lovely. We had this plant in our garden for some time. I remember that my mom made it with lots of coconut, jeera and turmeric powder. They look very nice. I wish I could get them here.

  26. Seemachakka kandittu kothivarunnu…simple and yummy mezhukkupuratti…nice pics guys…adipoli.

  27. Wooow,,chakka stir fry looks perfect n delicious dear…

  28. Vrinda says:

    Kanditte kothi varunney..yummmmmmmmmmmmm

  29. Nitha says:

    Wow.. kadachakka.. my favorite… Have a big tree at home and my grandmother used to try different dishes with this.. Pakshe evde kittillallo 🙁 🙁

  30. arthi says:

    wow!!looks so perfect and tasty..

  31. Malar Gandhi says:

    Never had this veggie before’ luks interesting…will try them soon:)

  32. Gayathri says:

    hi maya, have you tried using the frozen kadachakka that you get from the indian stores here in seattle ? i have bought one pack but have not tried it out yet. hope it will come out good. this dish looks super yummy and i have to try this one…:)

  33. Gayathri says:

    hi maya, where do you get this from in seattle ?

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