Vanpayar Mezhukkupuratti / Red Gram Stir-fry

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  1. Hi,

    That looks so beautiful…Yumm…:)Couldnot comment yesterday…Tried so many times…:)

    [email protected]

  2. Priya says:

    Nutritious mzehukkupuratti, fully packed with proteins..

  3. Wow looks spicy and tasty….healthy one too

  4. this is my sister’s favourite recipe she tends to make it a lot…. thanks for sharing..

  5. My fav fav with kanji…Nalla presentation tto..

  6. Padhu says:

    I prepare this often .I love it very much .What a beautiful picture!!

  7. we think the same way..i had noted the recipe from sarah’s blog to make it next week….

  8. aipi says:

    Spicy n it!

    US Masala

  9. ente lunch box fav aanu ithu…. pics super!!

  10. Swathi says:

    My favorite curry for Kanji. Adipoli.

  11. Delicious mezhupuratti..entheyum favorite,nalla pics!

  12. Jennifurla says:

    Looks filling and delicious

  13. Healthy mezhupuratti da..

  14. That looks so tempting and sure a great way of getting protein in the diet east way 🙂

  15. Gulmohar says:

    I’m alwways bit partial to vanpayar 🙂 lovely click da..

  16. Simple and very nice…

  17. Korachu vanpayar evide erikunudu.kore naalayi ethundaki nokkanam nu vicharikunu.apozhekum recipe kittiyallo :)Adipoli ayitundu.Beautiful presentation!

  18. Pushpa says:

    Healthy and protein packed dish looks delicious.

  19. Nitha says:

    ente fav.. Aj udeyum….

  20. Love the red gram stir fry, simple and yummy recipe.

  21. Priya says:

    amazing picture …

  22. Hi girls,
    Tried the red chori stir fry..loved it with rice..yum..

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