Easy Milk Peda

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  1. Aarthi says:

    this looks so good and yummy…should try it soon..

  2. Vidhya says:

    I have tried this recipe and makes this every year for Diwali to share with my friends.In fact I am making this today.

  3. Roshni says:

    Is there an alternative for milk powder ? I would like to try this recipe !!

  4. Suja says:

    Looks super yum,tempting sweet..

  5. Deepti says:

    yummy treat for Diwali…Wishing U a happy Diwali time


  6. Priya says:

    Looks super excellent and delicious..

  7. divya says:

    Mouthwatering pedas, presentation is mind blowing.

  8. Tina says:

    Itheppo kittiyalum santhosham….Adipoli ayittundu…

  9. Wow looks so perfect like the ones we get in shops…Bookmarked to try

  10. Nisa Homey says:

    Better than store bought ones….tooo good and tooo easy…sharikum kothivarunnu….bookmarked!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Really awesome.. Looks soo good.. Want to try making this now..

    Anu Ragesh

  12. Yummy Team says:

    Thank You All 🙂

    @ Roshni,

    I guess you can substitute milk powder with ground almonds but not very sure about it as I have never tried it before. Will give that a try sometime and update the recipe..

  13. Sarah Naveen says:

    Adipoli kto gal!!! nalla picsum!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    pls dont waste your milkmaid n milk powder ..it turned out to be a waste of time ..full of lumps !!

  15. Yummy Team says:


    Sorry to hear that it didn’t come out well for you. I have tried it twice and as you can see from my step pictures, I didn’t have any problem with lumps..Few of my friends who tried this, also didn’t have such an issue. So I assure you that it has nothing to do with the recipe..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Maybe ur recipe is perfect ..just dint work out for me …

  17. Anees says:

    mayb u overcooked..or had so much milk powder..even my first try was failure because of this reason n now its perfect.. 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    can we use full cream milk powder instead of semi skimmed.

  19. Maya Akhil says:


    Yeah, you can use full cream milk powder..

  20. Gita says:

    can i use ghee instead of butter?

  21. Annie says:

    Hi, I tried this and it didn’t turn out well. Is the cup measurement equal to 200 ml or 250ml. I used a 250 ml cup. Thanks

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