Pressure Cooker Chicken Biriyani

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  1. Reshma says:

    can you tell exact measure of 1 cup rice / water in kg / ml

  2. Chellet says:

    Oh, I’m gonna try your recipe. This looks so good!
    Thank you for posting this.

  3. sajith says:

    i have earlier tried pressure cooker biriyani and it came out as “lehyam”…but your recipie and technique looks promising.i’m gonna try this and let u know:ok?

    • Maya Akhil says:

      Sure..Do let me know if you have any questions. Hope you’ll like it..

      • sajith says:

        ok.i was bit busy last several weeks.just now i have completed cooking pressure cooker biriyani.mine is 3 ltr cooker and from my experience basmati rice needs 3 whistles to cook properly. so,i have gone against your i have already mentioned earlier my previous PCB was a disaster…this time everything was military precision.i will let u know after sometime .if it is a disaster all credits to u….if it is a success all credits to me:P

        • sajith says:

          ok.i have opened the cooker.meh!i shouldnt have gone gone three whistles….2 whistles would have been ideal..tastes wonderful.the rice is intact.thanx a bunch!all credits to u:)

  4. sajith says:

    yum!yum!i just had a big plate of it .rest has gone to the fridge.tomorrow would nuke’em and eat ’em!
    i liked how you engineered the fragrant spices and one tsp of ghee.its very subtle.the amount of spices recommended is was a perfect king size meal and all that eating is making me sleepy. call it sixth sense or whatever the moment i saw the picture and recipie i knew this would turn out to be good.hats off sista!

  5. Aathira says:

    I have a doubt for 1.5 cup rice,2 1/4 cup water is sufficient? because in the time of preparing fried rice for 1 cup rice am taking 2 cup water its coming perfect. is this same thing need for biriyani? please reply am a fresher in cooking

  6. Aathira says:

    I tried your recipe its comes very well.It was very tasty my hubby likes it a lott….Thank you soo much

  7. Maya Akhil says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, Aathira 🙂 Great to know that it came out well..

  8. Riya says:

    Nice Recipe maya chechy. its very easy for me.

  9. rose says:

    I have a doubt….. Should i cook it in low flame or high flame?

  10. chithira says: husband luved it…delicious..m

  11. Donia George says:

    Dear Maya, I tried the pressure cooker biriyani and it came out amazing. Don’t have words to thank you. Just a query, when you say 1 tsp, is it a heaped tsp?

  12. Solly says:

    Hai Maya, I tried your recipe and it came nicely.. Thank you so much..

  13. Gopika says:

    Can i use jeerakashala rice instead of basmati??

  14. Gopika says:

    Okay..what about the rice to water ratio?TIA

  15. Lisa says:

    1 whistle on medium to high flame or low flame?

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