Varutharacha Ayala Curry

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  1. Deepa says:

    Delicious and lovely looking fish curry. Excellent preparation.

  2. jasira anase says:

    Hi,,,,, i tried this curry…….. came out well …… very tasty very yummyyyyyyy
    thanx for sharing i hope more fis dishes thank you

  3. lakahmi says:

    I totally just love your website.. Before I got married I swear I dint know how to even peel an onion… But now… Making ur recipes my husband says I am an excellent cook!
    Thank u!!

  4. Gayathri says:

    Hi maya,
    Drooling over this fish curry. Really want to make this one. What is Ayala called here in the U.S.? And where do you get it here in Seattle ?

  5. Kishan says:

    Very nice and spicy. Me and wifey wanted to experiment something on the weekend. When we were done with dinner, realized that we just cooked the Ayala curry that tasted as good as the one that served at the popular Malayali restaurants in Bangalore. Thanks for the recipe. Cheers!

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