Tilapia Peera

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  1. Jancy says:

    Cool, going to try it. Your radish mezhukkupuratti looks delicious. Can you share recipe of that too!!

  2. SE says:

    Your tilapia peera inspired me to make peera with red snapper fillets. It came out well. Your step by step demonstration using pictures is very well done.

  3. Wow! Never thought that this kind of recipe existed.That looks really yummy. I am really loving your recipe blog. By the way, sweet and sour tilapia is also a must try. It originated here in Asia. Mixing two different flavors in one dish is really not complicated at all. Mixing the tomato paste, sugar, and vinegar is sure to show the sweet and sour taste. Just make sure to add cornstarch to thicken the sauce.

  4. Nitha Elizabeth says:

    Good peera..easy to prepare as well…

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