Sweet Kozhukkatta(Rice Dumplings) and Nadan Kozhukatta


    Kozhukkatta is a popular Indian sweet. There are different kinds of kozhukatta like kozhukatta filled with jaggery and coconut, jack fruit kozhukatta, nadan kozhukatta made with rose matta rice etc. Lakshmi had planned to post this yummy jaggery-coconut filled kozhukatta recipe yesterday. I then thought of my of mother’s nadan kozhukatta which I loved and took her recipe yesterday to share with you all. The nadan kozhukatta requires no sweet filling, it is tasty as it is (though its not as tasty as the sweet jaggery filled kozhukatta. I soaked the rice yesterday night and prepared it an hour back. Here are the recipes: 


  1. Rice flour – 1 cup (You can use idiyappam podi)
  2. Grated coconut – 1/2 – 3/4 cup
  3. Jaggery – 1/4 cup grated or  (2-3 tbsp sugar or to taste)
  4. Cumin seeds – 1/4 tsp
  5. Cardamom powder – A pinch
  6. Salt – To taste
  7. Boiling Water – As required (You can also add some milk to the boiling water in order to make it extra-soft)
  8. Ghee –  1 tsp


1. Mix the grated coconut,  jaggery and cardamom powder.

2. Heat some water in a vessel adding salt and cumin seeds. Add the hot water little by little to the rice flour until a smooth dough is formed. Add a tsp of ghee and mix the dough well to make it extra-soft.


3. Roll the dough into medium sized balls and flatten them with your palm. Fill it with the jaggery-coconut filling and reshape it into a ball. Steam the balls in a steamer or idli cooker for about 15 – 20 mts.







Tips :


1. You can avoid using jaggery filling in this recipe. Instead of filling the balls with grated coconut, just add it to the dough and knead well.

Nadan Kozhukatta




  1. Kerala rose matta rice/Kuthari – 1 cup
  2. Grated coconut – 1 cup
  3. Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp
  4. Salt – To taste


1. Soak rice in water for about 8 hrs.

Soaked rice 


2. Grind it in a mixie adding water little by little until you get a coarse mixture. Heat a deep pan. Add the ground mixture and stir until the water evaporates at medium heat (takes about 5 – 10 mts). Check for salt. Make lemon sized balls out of it and steam for about 15 – 20 mts or until done.








Nadan Kozhukatta




1. You can also grind sugar (2 tbsp or to taste) along with the soaked kuthari rice, grated coconut, cumin seeds and salt.



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  28. Anonymous says:

    For Kozhukatta ,When and where we should add cumin seed.Is it to dough or to jagary ???

  29. Anonymous,

    You can add cumin seeds either to the dough or to the jaggery-coconut filling..

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