Nellikka Varattiyathu / Dry Gooseberry Pickle –Kerala Style

Gooseberry Pickle / Nellikka Varattiyathu

  There are two types of gooseberry available – the tiny and the larger one. This dry pickle calls for the larger, smooth-skinned one while nellikkakari or the normal nellikka achar is made using the smaller variety. This pickle will be ready to serve in 2-3 days and has a longer shelf life than the other pickle.


  1. Gooseberry / nellikka (large variety) – 1/2 kg
  2. Garlic – 12 – 15, small cloves
  3. Chilly powder – 3.5 – 4 tbsp (Adjust according to your spice tolerance. You can use kashmiri chilly powder to make it less spicy)
  4. Fenugreek powder / uluva podi – 1/2 tsp
  5. Hing / asafoetida / kayam – 1/4 tsp
  6. Mustards – 1/2 tsp
  7. Dry red chilies – 2 – 3
  8. Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
  9. Salt – To taste
  10. Gingelly oil / nallenna – 3 – 4 tbsp
  11. Vinegar – 1/4 – 1/2 cup


1. Wash and clean the gooseberries. Steam them for for 10 minutes or until they get soft. Pat dry. Remove the seeds and keep aside.

Gooseberries Steamed gooseberries

2. Heat oil in a cheena chatti or any deep pan. Splutter mustards and fry dry red chillies. Add garlic cloves, curry leaves and stir until garlic turns reddish brown. Bring down the heat and add chilly powder, fenugreek powder, hing and salt. Stir for 2 – 3 seconds and add 1/4 – 1/2 cup vinegar. When it starts boiling, add the steamed goose berries. Mix well. Switch off when the pickle gets dry. Store in a clean, dry air-tight container. This keeps for at least 1 year.

Nellikka Varattiyathu


  1. Omg!! this looks tremendousttoo..vaayil vellam niranju..

  2. Omg!! this looks tremendoustoo..vaayil vellam niranju…

  3. adipoli….njan nellikka ivide kanditte illa….

  4. Ethu njan nattil chennappol amma undakki thannathannu :) Last week eviduthe Indian storeil adhyamayi frozen goose berries kandu, athu kondu njan sadha nellikka achar undakkanirikkuvannu…

  5. Yum!Wish I had some of this right now as I am down with cold and fever.I am sure this could enliven my taste buds.

  6. Wow looks super yum, perfect with curd rice

  7. yummy! really tempting dear! clicks are awesome…

  8. mouthwatering pickles and awesome presentation…..

  9. adipoli ayittundu ketto

  10. Pickle looks so yummy and tangy. Already slurping.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. wow!!adipoli ayyitundu da!!!looks spicy!

  12. ente daivame, ravile thanne eny njan nellika achar anveshichu evid epokum? angotteku varatte..Kidilan pictures tto maya..achar pinne parayandallo :-D

  13. Oh my God u makes me drooling with the pickle.Here in USA we dont get fresh .Is it ok to try with frozen berries.

  14. Wat a Colorful and healthy pickle looks so inviting…

  15. Nice Red colour makes the Nellikaa pickle tempting!! I liked the containers also :)

  16. Pickle looks so tempting Maya,frozen vachu njanum try good.

  17. വീണ്ടും വീണ്ടും…. പാവം കല്യാണിക്കുട്ടി

  18. Nellikka varattiyathu looks adipoli.

  19. Looks so tempting!

  20. Soo tempting and mouthwatering here..

  21. I tried this and it came out so well that we cant stop serving more and more on to our plates..really superb..and its getting tastier day by day. I couldn’t get my hands on Gingelly oil, so used ordinary coconut oil..but still the taste is amazing..Cant thank you enough for posting this recipe!!!


  22. I am super-excited that you liked this recipe, Varsha..You made my day :) I will pass this comment to my mom who shared the recipe. Thank you so much for trying it..


  23. Anonymous says:

    love itttt

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  26. hi,thanks for sharing
    can i use frozen one??

  27. Yeah, you can use frozen gooseberries but it wont taste as good as the fresh one.

  28. simply superb !

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