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  1. Wow!!! Perfect PalaPPam…Actually v call this as Aappam,my fav.Luks wounderfull:)

  2. so white and yummy appam…

  3. An Open Book says:

    u know what i cant use an appam chatti on my hob top 🙁
    havent had appam in ages and now i think i have to go to a mallu rest and have some

  4. delicious appam..we love this

  5. Vrinda says:

    Adipoli palappam,perfect comfort food…

  6. Priya says:

    My favourite appam, wat an authentic dish..looks delicious..

  7. Nitha says:

    delicious appam.. Nice combo with kadala curry..

  8. Maya and the pics looks so so great..palappam and kadala curry is family fav…this looks so good …

    CONGRATS on your win at spicy tasty deserve it…

    Kairali sisters

  9. Yummy it with kadala curry…

  10. Panchpakwan says:

    Ohh wow so inviting platter..
    wish I could have it ringht now!!

  11. Panchpakwan says:

    Just saw that you have won summer contest…
    Many congarts..Keep on rocking dear.

  12. Rach says:

    Looks so delicious. Superb for breakfast

  13. Palappam look lovely.. One of our favs. Big congrats on the win for the photograph.

  14. Delicious appam..looks so good..lovely pic.

  15. wow!!!!!!came perfect…no words to say … very tempting… wanna eat now

  16. Looks great..We made it yesterday with Kadalai Curry for a potluck and came out well..

  17. Congrats on your win on Sizzling Summer Contest..

  18. Congrats on winning sizzling summer contest dear. This appam looks beautiful 🙂

  19. RV says:

    It looks so inviting on the banana leaf. And Congratulations on the win.

  20. yummy palappam looks so delicious.. best combination appam kadala.. good work guys

  21. Looks damn good dears.Very tempting pics.

  22. Ann says:

    Palappam my favorite breakfast…but never had the confidence to make it myself…I should try it someday…

  23. M D says:

    This looks great. We make a similar stuff called Neer Dosa. Yum! 🙂

  24. This looks delicious! Yumyum!

  25. Gulmohar says:

    My family’s most fav breakfast …looks perfect

  26. Pari says:

    Hi, appams made to perfection, too good.

  27. BeenaShylesh says:

    wow adipolli ayittundu..kurachu bussy ayi poyi atha kannajathu…

  28. Sarah Naveen says:

    oh my fav..looks superb!!!!! evidunnu kitti ila??? oh vayil vellam varunnu…
    ah pinne thazhe irikkunna kakka irachi kandittu ente control pokunnu…..hhooooo
    And congrst on ur winning..:)

  29. Suhaina says:

    simply superb. the first picture reminds me of a basic thattukada look. i am drooling.. wish to grab that banana leaf and appam. kada curry looks yummy too. wonderful combo..
    Congrads dear in winning the contest. u people deserve it.. Kidus…

  30. anusha says:

    ur appam looks superb!!..are we using fried ava for the kurukku?also can we use ponni rice for making appam?

  31. Yummy Team says:


    Ponni raw rice can be used for making appam. For the kurukku, use regular rava..

  32. Hai Maya,
    I tried the chicken cutlet and palappam recipes from your blog.They came out really well.Thank you.Would like to try more recipes from your blog .

  33. Kiran Sachdev says:

    Looks delicious. Will try it out. Do you use fresh yeast?

  34. mariaK says:

    is rapid rise yeast and active rise yeast the same? if not i am
    not sure if rapid rise yeast is the same as fresh yeast.

  35. Sona says:

    Ur palappam recipe was so good,soft and yummy.thanks a lot maya.may god bless a lot.

  36. Rusheeda says:

    Hi Maya… could you let me know how much appams I can make using this recipe? If i need to prepare 30-35 appams, approximately how much rice do I take? Your inputs will be helpful. Thanks…

  37. Elza says:

    Hello Maya,
    Do you have to add water to the reserved batter you’re boiling on the stove or is water to be added only when you’re boiling rice powder?

    • Maya Akhil says:

      It needs to be added to the reserved batter also. Sorry for the confusion. Add 1 cup water to about 3 – 4 tbsp of the reserved batter. Mix well. Stir continuously on medium flame until it thickens

  38. Lakshmi says:

    Can I use desiccated coconut ?

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