Clam/Kakka Irachi Fry

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  1. Priya says:

    My hubbys favourite, he love seafood…fry looks yummy and tempting..

  2. Wow..looking delicious..wish I had it now..

  3. Shabs.. says:

    Oh i love love love clams… it is soooooooo expensive to buy….I will tell u the price next time i see it…u wont believe….Nice pic ketto….

    BTW, regarding your query on dosa batter, i tried idly only once and it dint come out well..dono what proportion i used though…we are not big fans of idly…


  4. Rach says:

    Nice clicks, Looks very much authentic with the curry leaves 🙂

  5. well explained ..luks beautiful.. Kakka Irachi???wat z dat

  6. Ann says:

    I liked this preparation and the final consistency. This curry reminds me of a place I used to go exclusively for eating seafood…thanx for posting this…:)

  7. Tempting Fry !!! Looks great and awesome pics !!!

  8. Lovely lovely..looks so yummy and tempting kakka irachi fry.

  9. Jennifurla says:

    This looks to utterly delicious

  10. Really yummy. Love the crispy look of it. Hey. did you get settled in the apt? I remember you mentioning it got drenched and such…How have you been?

  11. Rice Palette says:

    Wow it looks very delicious.. Great photos showing the steps along the way. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Wngane kothipikanda valla avashyavum undo Maya n Laks..Super duper pic ketto..

    Kairali sisters

  13. This is very new to me,but luks very tempting…

  14. yummy oooooo yammyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! kandittu kothi sahikkunnilla… miss this one so much these days…:(

  15. RV says:

    As such I don’t eat clams, but if served like this I would love to.. Looks spicy and very appetizing.. Slurppp..

  16. Nisha says:

    Adiploi , i just loved your click. Totaly mouth watering

  17. Sayantani says:

    my hubby’s fav too. recently i encountered with these and didnt know how to prepare them. bookmarking your recipe for this weekend.

  18. My Fav..looks so yummy!!!

  19. i have not tasted clams till now but looks very delicious…

  20. jais says:


  21. Vrinda says:

    My hubby’s fav…looks absolutely yummmmmm

  22. Shabs.. says:

    see what u have done…i went and bought clams today..hehe…making some thoran out of it…its £15 a kio!!!

  23. Az says:

    Looks great.. never tried it before..

  24. Nitha says:

    Our favorite.. kothi varunnu.. Never tried clams from US.. We usually get mussels.. Shall try this soon..

  25. An Open Book says:

    even though im not a big fan that sure is making me wish i was:)

  26. Shabs.. says:

    hehe…i bought peeled ones….i told teh price of peeled one…the dish came out pretty good, but oru chinna prashnam…..sometimes oru mannu kadi…i mean sand….do u have the same prob?

  27. the dish looks great… adipoli…

  28. First time here.Wonderful blog:)kakka irachi fry looks spicy and yummmmmyyy..

  29. our favorite dish.. i used to prepare the thoran also.. really delicious one.. nice pics too

  30. arthi says:

    nice presentation..thanks for sharing!!

  31. Maria says:

    Nice pic! Its been so long I had kakkayirachi and after seeing this pic, I really feel like having some 🙂

  32. BeenaShylesh says:

    entta fvt annu..yithu ok avida kittumoo..fresh..yivida frozen kittum….but not gud taste

  33. Suhaina says:

    wonderful… no words to express my feelings here. i really miss these here.. U get them but not fresh. only the frozen ones…to get the yummiest tasty clams u must use fresh ones that we get in Kollam… Really missing it. very well explained dears.. I can finish off that plate in no time.. adipoly fry..

  34. sharika says:

    ente vayil oru kappal odikkan ulla vellam und!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I was looking for this recipe.. I am glad that i found this when i was just thinking of it. I actually didn’t know it was called clam. Thank you.


  36. Gayathri says:

    Hi maya,

    dish looks so yummy… did you buy fresh clams or canned ones.. i couldn’t find any canned ones here in seattle.. where do you get them from?

  37. Christeena says:

    Just a quick question. Any idea is clam fry safe to eat during pregnancy. I am craving for it.

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