Asparagus Thoran

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  1. Njanum ethundakki.Super anu..Kandittu onnude undakan thonundallo..USper…

  2. Looks yummy..adipoli aayirikunnu..njanum try cheyyam ennu vicharichu erikkukayanu…will try this weekend itself.

  3. lovely color..looks aweosme n yum…

  4. Delicious and yummy side dish !!

  5. Radhika says:

    I think I will love asparagus in this recipe. Have to try this one

  6. asparagus thoran kollamallo..i also want to try…

  7. An Open Book says:

    glad you liked it..its a fav of ours now as well:)

  8. Kamalika says:

    Looks grt….loved the colour…

  9. Wow nice fresh thoran…looks yummy!

  10. Nitha says:

    I ve never tried this veggie.. Does this taste like beans?? Wanna try this soon.. Looks great..

  11. shifa firoz says:

    hmmm yummy.. very new to me.. will sure try 🙂

    I have an award for u in my blog please pick it up! 🙂

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  13. Shabs.. says:

    Adipoli thoran….never thought of making thoran out of asparagus….

  14. Oh yeah after seeing it in nisha’s blog , even i wanted to try it out .. now i dont think anybody can stop me from picking this veggie and making it … looks really yumm

  15. Priya says:

    Droolworthy and great looking thoran..awesome!

  16. Sayantani says:

    a very creative use of so called videshi vegetable in an Indian kitchen. love that vibrant summery colour.

  17. Vrinda says:

    Yummy n colorful thoran…i always bake them,will try ur version soon…

  18. love this thoran luks delicious…

  19. simple and delicious, am yet to taste asparagus, may be i can start with this one…

  20. aipi says:

    Lovely n colorful thoran, very nice recipe!

  21. Suman Singh says:

    I am yet to try this veggie..that looks simple, healthy and delicious!

  22. Nostalgia says:

    Lovely.. I love this thoran with its nice nutty flavor

  23. shahana says:

    Never thought of making asparagus thoran.Thantz really a grt idea.Thanks for sharing!

  24. vineetha says:

    Wow super thoran…ithu try cheythu nokanam..

  25. This looks very healthy and delicious as well.

  26. Gulmohar says:

    I could convince my hubby to eat some asparagus if I make this :-)adipoli

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