Idiyappam / String hoppers

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  1. wow This is totally completely thoroughly truly awesome! Innovative!

  2. lovely it looks … perfect

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  4. wow…drooling idiyappam dears….lovely..

  5. ♥Aps♥ says:

    Lovely …
    we make idiyappams pretty different…
    I remember eating this in my friends house….. (both these dishes) and i enjoyed it so much tht i took bac a box of idiyappanm nd kurma bac home for the next days lunch 🙂
    lovely recipe

  6. Idiyapam looks so soft…with veg…perfect combo!!

  7. Soma Pradhan says:

    Nice one dear…This looks yummy. I want to have this immidiately

  8. i love idiappam but have never tried it out this way, seems easy and very delicious..

  9. sneh says:

    very interesting, looks so tasty and i am sure it is :)btw is it the same as rice vermicelli that we get in store?
    Never tried making at home.

  10. aipi says:

    looks perfect..never had or tried idiappam :(.. will try, thanx 4 sharing

  11. Vrinda says:

    Perfect idiyappam…had these yday for bfast..yummm

  12. Idiyappam looks will be the recipe for that peas curry, I guess…

  13. Daivame, ravile tahnne ethanu kanune, enik vishakunne..Adipoli idiyappams and peas curry is my fav sidedish with these…


  14. I learnt to make them recently…..i liked them a lot…looks yum….

  15. Satya says:

    idiyappam looks so delicious n tempting …its my favorite but never prepared it ….thanks for sharing


  16. Kamalika says:

    New dish to me….very innovative…

  17. perfect and soft idiyappam..yummy peas curry..lovely combo Maya.

  18. wow, they came out so well, love the presentation.

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  20. Lovely presentation…Simply missing this wonderful bfast..Planning to get the kitchen press during my vacation to India ..

  21. Jennifurla says:

    Oh how cool, everytime I read a post here I learn about new food

  22. Sarah Naveen says:

    oh kothipichu..adipoli..

  23. Nitha says:

    kore divasam aayi idyappam undaakkiyittu.. Nale ethu thanne breakfast 🙂

  24. shahana says:

    Idiyappam nannayittundu!

  25. Gulmohar says:

    Our fav too…looks perfect da..

  26. deepti says:

    Perfect Idiyappams……..

  27. കല്യാണിക്കുട്ടിയുടെ ഇഷ്ട പലഹാരം ആണ് ഇടിയപ്പം. മുട്ട കറി അല്ലേല്‍ സോധി കറി കൂട്ടി കഴിച്ച കാലം മറന്നു തുടങ്ങിയതാ. വീണ്ടും ഓര്‍മിപ്പിച്ചതിനു നന്ദി. നാളെ ഇടിയപ്പം ഉണ്ടാക്കിയിട്ട് തെന്നെ ബാക്കി കാര്യം.

  28. MaryMoh says:

    These string hoppers look very interesting and delicious with coconut. Looks like rice vermicelli. Thanks very much for sharing.

  29. An Open Book says:

    u wont blve it…its been ages since i had idiappam…brings bak memories

  30. Suzann William says:

    what brand of idiyappam maker is good? can you recommended any? which one did you use.
    Thanks !

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