Chakka Aviyal / Jack Fruit Aviyal

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  1. Adipoli, ente ammoma undakarund ethu.kandittu kothy vannu ketto maya.. aa uruliyile presentationum adipoli…

  2. sojo says:

    kollaloe… first time hearing about this.. photo kandittu sure aayi…kidilam item aanennu

  3. Awesome aviyal….Super pics…
    Chakka is my fav….aangan kothiyayittu oru pravishyam 2 frozen pack vangi..took for cooking next day..cover was soooo beautiful…pakshe inside it was spoilled…still got one packet…I always take it…see the cover…then keep it back…I am sure if I open it it will be in dustbin..

  4. aipi says:

    This is bookmarked! All my fav ingredients in one bowl! Fab presentation as always dear!
    US Masala

  5. Sunanda says:

    Wow looks fabulous… today I bought one jackfruit and was thinking of making something different.. Thnx for sharing..

  6. Jennifurla says:

    I have never even tasted jackfruit, think I need too.

  7. Panchpakwan says:

    Looks so authentic and delicious aviyal..

  8. Lovely Aviyal. I always eat Avial with Adai!

  9. Satrupa says:

    Looks delicious ….. will try with the frozen jackfruits here.

  10. Nitha says:

    ethu vare ee dish kandittilla… kollaam tto..

  11. Suman Singh says:

    Love your authentic dishes..this is simply delicious!

  12. I have heard about aviyal, but never tried, looks superb.

  13. divya says:

    Awesome recipe and wonderful clicks…

  14. Pavithra says:

    I love avial and this looks authentic. I can eat the whole bowl myself without rice ..looks awesome.

  15. Gulmohar says:

    daivadosham kittum ketto…ithokke ee pavangale kanichu kothippikkunnathinu…Forgot when I had this last time 🙁 love it !

  16. Vidhya says:

    Never had this type of aviyal before sounds intresting and yummy.

  17. Yummy combo avial,loved it…pass the bowl pls…

  18. Now Serving says:

    this is such a wonderful way to use jack fruits -I just made some frozen ones a few days back! I will try this the next time …

  19. Aviyal looks very tasty and fulfilling. Great preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  20. Mugdha says:

    Yummy combo of veggies…gr8 presentation…:)

  21. Priya says:

    Aviyal looks extremely inviting and delicious..

  22. Jay says:

    this looks n sounds soooper delicious..;P
    Tasty Appetite

  23. Suja says:

    Wow authentic recipe, chakka enthe yum favorite aa ..adipoli.

  24. Swathi says:

    chakkaum chakka kuruvum kanichu kothipikkale. adipoli.

  25. Padhu says:

    Interesting combo!

  26. Nithya says:

    Very different recipe. Not able to imagine the taste so got to try it 🙂

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