Vada Koottu Curry – Trivandrum Sadya Special

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  1. Yummy curry…love with idlis…

  2. Sayantani says:

    we make a similar dish called Bara’r jhal where the vadas are cooked in mustard. so many things in common and am loving your recipe.

  3. Nithya says:

    This is absolutely delicious. I would love it totally 🙂

  4. Ramya says:

    nice reccipe…never heard of this before

  5. Kala says:

    I love vadas, but usually with chutneys. Haven’t tried this curry before, definitely going to:):) Looks delicious!

  6. divya says:

    superb…Tempting clicks..

  7. wOWW.. Its just superb.. I have seen this but never tried to make it. Yours is tempting me 🙂 Bookmarked 🙂

  8. Satrupa says:

    Never thought of curried Vada ….. looks delicious !!

  9. Justbeanme says:

    hmmm innovative…. all i know is dahi and sambhar and sada vada.. this i too will try…issh

  10. Rekha shoban says:

    ethu differentayya kootu curry analoo…njan try chiyyam!

  11. Prathima Rao says:

    Absolutely deeeliiicious!!!! Innovative too 🙂
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. Ramya says:

    When i was staying in Chennai ,the cook aunty used to make this curry and we used to love it:-)
    I have never tried it at home:-) Seeing urs i am reminded of the taste and i am soo going to make it:-)

  13. Pavithra says:

    We do this little bit different way.. but love this to the core..bookmarked.

  14. Suja says:

    This curry is my favorite,looks really tempting..

  15. Nitha says:

    Looks delicious and yummy.. evde vada undaakkiyaal curry kku onnum baacki undaavilla.. athu angane thanne theerum 🙂

  16. Vidhya says:

    Looks delicious and tempting.

  17. Priti says:

    This looks yummy …wonderful curry …I loved it

  18. BeenaShylesh says:

    this is very new to me…

  19. Prathi says:

    i made it this recipe is 100% genuine and the curry tastes really yummy…its famous in Trivandrum.Everyone at my home appreciaated me for this vada kootu curry…:-)

  20. Yummy Team says:


    Thanks a lot for trying and letting us know 🙂 Great to know that everybody liked this recipe. Wish you and your family a very happy New Year!!

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