Sardine/Mathi Fry

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  1. meeras says:

    nice pictures..Am drooling!! I love fried fish esp sardine fry.

  2. Arunan says:

    Using onion is new to me, also frying over curry leaves. Must try next time :). Thank you.

    The alfa omega fatty acid, i guess, wont stay during frying. If you need it, you need to use fish curry than fried.

    Get rid of the stink while frying is a head-ache for me too. Use of proper ventillation is the present remedy I have.

  3. wow fav fish..entubhangi kanan pic …
    while cleaning the fish add few drops of lemon juice and also in the masla paste, it might reduce its smell spreading all over the house while frying ..

  4. Tina says:

    Ingane kothipikkalle dear…Control nashtapettu…

  5. Sarah Naveen says:

    Ayyo…kothiyavunnee……my DH’s fav!!!! ini nattil poyittu venam ithu pole onnu kazhikkan…

  6. Nithu Bala says:

    Hey Girls, you have awards waiting at my blog..please drop in to collect them:-)

  7. wow..Fantabulous girls..Nalla asalaytund tou…

    Kairali sisters

  8. Gulmohar says:

    ente daivame kothippichu kollunne..ini naattil chennale ithu kittu…
    If you apply some vinegar/lemon juice and wash it after some time, it reduces the smell. Also I add curry leaves while frying,which reduces the smell.Did you try to close the pan with a lid..even with all these things, I’m sorry to say it stinks,eventually…lol..

  9. Yummy Team says:

    Thank you all!!

    You are so right. Fried fish containing omega-3s provide less heart protection than baked or broiled fish. Thanks for the information.

    Thanks a ton for sharing the awards with us!!

    Muraligeetham and Gulmohar,
    Thanks for sharing your great tips 🙂 Will try those next time..

  10. Sashi says:

    Cannot stop taking eyes out of the pics. I love fish fry, these are absolutely gorgeous, crispy fish fry !!

  11. BeenaShylesh says:

    u have a lovely blog dear…..ummm ur mathi fry is also so sweet to see.mathi is my fav dish…….iam following u…do vist my blog …

  12. You got nice space dear,,i like your blog got lot of spicy and my faaavourite recipes.Fish fry looks delicious and mouthwatering,,I am happy to see your blog and also am the 50th follower of your blog.thanks for sharing dear,,take care n keep on smiling.

  13. An Open Book says:

    Honestly i am not a big fan of seafood, except prawns and tuna which i dont mind, but would avoid given a choice…my husband says im a disgrace 2 mallu’s:)
    We dont get fresh sardines other than at the indian store which we visit once in a month or so..and when my husband craves it once in a while, he picks about 2 or 3 and yes, the smell just stays on forever…i use one of those odour absorbing candles while frying and it helps to an extent….

  14. San!!! says:

    Tempting sardine fry,would like to grab n taste it now 🙂 I also usually wash the fish with turmeric powder n salt as well to remove the smell .Thanks for your comments dear.You have a lovely space .Following you too.

  15. Looks so yummy..One of my favorite fish..
    Unfortunately my husband doesn’t like this fish..eagerly
    waiting for our native trip..Once i reach there i have to eat a basket-full of
    Hey if u like u can oven fry the fish so that you can avoid the smell..
    if u get a chance check this link ..

    Thanks for visiting my blog..thanks for the comments guys are
    always welcome

  16. Deepti says:

    sooo tempting mathi fry 🙂

    thanks 4 dropping in !!
    Adding u 2 my blogroll…
    Happy Blogging

  17. Shabs.. says:

    Oh, i love sardines….u rpictures are real good and are ur ecipes….following u dear….will see me here often:)

  18. Shimona says:

    My mom slices carrots and drops them into the oil while frying the sardines. This helps reduce the smell.

  19. BINITHA says:

    Take some vinegar and boil it in a vessel…after frying fish..or light a candle in the kitchen it will also reduce smell.

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