Dry Fish Chutney Powder / Unnakka Meen Chammanthi Podi

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  1. Adipoli fish chutney powder..yummies kidu kidu..

    Kairali sisters

  2. very intresting fish chutney .. never heard of it.. completely new to me.. tnx for sharing


  4. Nitha says:

    adipoli chammanthi podi..

  5. Very much like our fish floss…yummy!

  6. Jay says:

    This recipe seems to be very easy n tasty. Let me try immediately.

  7. Rumana Rawat says:

    WOW. This is my fav, looks so good and yumm. love it.

  8. very new to me,but really it’s a interesting recipe…luks delicious.I love the bowl.Beautiful.

  9. Priya says:

    Very new powder for me, looks very fabulous..

  10. MaryMoh says:

    Wow…this looks really delicious. I like it. I remember my mum used to make something quite similar when we were young. We just love it with rice.

  11. Suhaina says:

    yummmm. i love this very much. Looks very good. I usually prepare without roasting the coconut. This is a good keeper dears. Love the clicks. I am drooling…No limits.

  12. An Open Book says:

    did it smell a lot? that totally puts me off and i don want neighbours complaining..but like u said it wud be great with kanji..sluuurp

  13. Wow adipoli…that should be tasting fabulous…

  14. aipi says:

    totally new 2 me.. looks interesting n delish..

  15. Umm Mymoonah says:

    Wow! We used to have this all time back home, looks so delicious.
    Looking forward to your recipes for my event:-)

  16. Adipoli chamanthi podi..looks so good and yummy.

  17. very interesting, looks very nice..

  18. RV says:

    Oh boy, makes me drool. This must taste divine.

  19. Satya says:

    thank you so much for visiting my space n for ur lovely comments …u made my day 🙂


  20. simply awesome…can smell the falvorful chutney…

  21. Nisha says:

    New to me sounds yum 🙂

  22. BeenaShylesh says:

    kothi ayittu vaya kutti..will try for sure one day

  23. shyamala nawab says:


    i am going to try ths recipe!! i was looking for a mangalorean recipe called ‘kismur’ which is like a dried & fried fish wit raw onions & grated coconut..did find but also found ths..so .. Unnakka Meen Chammanthi Podi it shall be.
    i will be using Bombay Duck..i do hope its suitable!

  24. JIbi says:

    Which fish is the best for this?

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