Uppumanga / Salted Mangoes

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  1. Wow..ethokkke kanda kalam maranu tto..eny evide evidelum search cheyyanam manga kittumonne..

  2. Nitha says:

    Am not a great fan of this.. Pakshe ethokke kaanumbol, naattile oormakal varunnu..

  3. mouth watering, love it and I am drooling just by looking at the pics 🙂

  4. What I wouldn’t do to have a bit of that mouth watering pickle…Delicious!

  5. Hey people this is too much. I’m drooling here !!

  6. Aparna says:

    hehehe..this is something which i really miss nowadys..this one. upplitta nellika

  7. Hi there, came across your blog for the first time today, I made an uppumanga chammanthi n’ a blogger asked me a query on how this is one. I have posted your link as an answer to her query. Hope you don’t mind. You have a wonderful space here. 🙂

  8. Yummy Team says:

    Thanks for linking to us Miri..Its our pleasure 🙂

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