Chickpea Falafel Recipe

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  1. jasira anase says:

    thnx for sharing dis recipe …..nice …. i have many recipes… now am intrestd in blogging. pls ,can u help me to start a food blog.. actually i dnt know the exact procedure… dat why i need others help.. i hope u can.. pls..pls…

  2. saji s says:

    thank you… i tried this recipe n came out really well…

  3. shabana says:

    Your blog is so helpful,your food are superb .i came 2know abt ur blog ven I search 4onasadhya recipes.i m frm uae ND I love ur thaninaadan recipes.ur presentation is good.u m frm Malabar side nd v don know much abt veg recipes,so ur blog taught me aloot.thaxs very much nd keep going!!!!!bestt of luck

  4. Rusheeda Rajamohanan says:

    Tried out the falafels. Turned out awesome!

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