Manjali Special Chicken Biriyani – With Video

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  1. Re says:

    I made it ..soooper.exact measurements..

  2. Remya says:

    i prepared this biryani & everyone loved it. Thanks

  3. Jayanthi says:

    Made it twice . Excellent . Made the beef version too. Both are really good. Thanks for the recipes Maya.

  4. Elsa says:

    “To the remaining oil, add half of the chicken pieces (reserve the gravy) using a slotted spoon and shallow fry until browned (do not over fry, it will turn hard). Remove to a plate lined with paper towel.” What about the remaining chicken.. does it mean to fry in 2 batches?

  5. Jnj says:

    Looks like you forgot to add garam masala to the ingredients list no:2. Its there in your video but not in the written recipe.

  6. Sheena says:

    Hi, where did you buy the kewra water?

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