Pumpkin/Mathanga – Vanpayar Erisseri

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  1. meeras says:

    It looks yummy..I love erisseri esp papaya erisseri..

  2. Yummy girls,
    I tried the mathanga vanpayar erisseri and loved it. I’ve put a picture in my blog

  3. Neethu Jacob says:

    Thanks for the erisseri recipe… very tasty!

  4. Yummy Team says:

    Deepa n Neethu,

    Glad to know that you loved this recipe 🙂 Thanks for trying..

  5. Ramya says:

    Hi, I tried this recipe and it was delicious. I usually get the traditional kerala recipes from my mother, but this time as she was away, I landed here for the recipe. Please have a look at my blog post Mathanga Vanpayar Erisseri

  6. Priya says:

    very nice recipe.tried and loved it.best with rice and ghee.thanks

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Maya,

    I have tried many of your recipes and tasted success in all of them..This erissery recipe I tried yesterday and it came out really well, Just wanted to thank you for posting these recipes..Keep going!!!

  8. lissy says:

    Hi Maya
    I tried your recipe
    its really tasty
    thank you

  9. Chitz says:

    I made this today ur style today & it turned out gud.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. R.Vidya Devaraj says:

    can i use black eyed peas instead of Red chori ?

  11. Calla says:

    Tried this erissery and it was delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe.

  12. Divya says:

    Hi Maya. Quick question. How many servings does this yield?

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