Anchovies/Netholi/Chooda Peera Pattichathu

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  1. Nitha says:

    kothippikkathe kuttikale… adipoli meen peera..

    evde I got anchovies once.. Though said fresh, it was like the dried ones and we had to throw it away 🙁

  2. really fresh fish.hard to find the same here in any shop.One of our favorite dish..nicely done and looks so yummy

  3. adipoli meen peera yummies..great presentation ketto..kothy varunallo:-)

    Kairali sisters

  4. Priya says:

    Slurppp!!lipsmacking dish, makes me hungry..

  5. shifa firoz says:

    omg!! i just love chooda.. i dont even remember eating them since i left India.. 🙁 plz send some my way.. craving for it!

    BTW, i tried the sprouts thoran today and it was delicious 🙂

  6. jaisy says:

    adipoli meen peera. chooda tinna kalam marannu. nice click dear

  7. Rach says:

    You have done this authenic kerala recipe , very beautifully dear 🙂 Looks so delicious 🙂

  8. An Open Book says:

    my husband would sooo love this..i shud rem to pick up some netholi next time i go to the indian store

  9. Suhaina says:

    u gals are making me go crazy.. better not show this post to my hubby… he will become crazy too… this is our fav..with that kudam pulee,,, i am sure it would have tasted heaven.. lovely presentation and so fresh anchovies.we dont get here in Singapore.

  10. MaryMoh says:

    I can tell these are so good with all the spices….delicious!

  11. vineetha says:

    wow wow wow…Oh sahikunilla kettoo.But I m glad I have this fish in my freezer..I too make this with netholi but mostly I fry this.Fries are also damn good.

  12. I love anchovies. Looks very delicious. I never get fresh ones here :(. Drooling on seeing the pics. Hope you both are doing good.

  13. WoW look at the fresh’s been years since I saw some..this is my dad’s favorite…

  14. Jennifurla says:

    I love anchovies – never seen anything like this before

  15. Oh….. it reminds my mom…….luks delicious tnx 4 sharing such a beautiful recipe

  16. Adipoli meen peera..looks very very delicious,m favorite.. great presentation

  17. Umm Mymoonah says:

    This is my favourite, looks so good. Do you guys get fresh anchovies in US, lucky you..

  18. Jay says:

    Hot n spicy anchovies…love to giv a try da.

  19. GayathriRaj says:

    Oh wow anchovies curry…i miss that here….we get only dry ones here….u are so lucky to have them in ur place….
    Looking wonderful…

  20. Anchovies…I miss them here..Looks delicious..lovely presentation too..

  21. I usually fry this small fish but never did it this way, sounds really good and seems very delicious…

  22. Sarah Naveen says:

    ayyo..i made this last day…my fav….yummy yummm

  23. RV says:

    Anchovies is one of my favorites in fish. This looks very delicious. yumm… This is my first visit to your blog and I am absolutely thrilled at your recipe collections. They all look super delicious. Happened to read your profile.You gals rock. Though you both stay thousands of miles away you are creating a magic in this blog. Wishing you both tons of success and happiness. Like you gals, even I started cooking seriously after my marriage and eventually started writing a food blog. Looking forward to connect with you. Subscribing to your feeds.

  24. Yummy Team says:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. Lakshmi is in Kerala now, that explains the source of these fresh anchovies 🙂

    @ Shifa

    Thanks for your feedback on our recipe. Glad to hear that you liked it..


    Welcome to our blog..Thanks a lot for your really kind and encouraging words :).

  25. Mahima says:


    I am a frequent visitor of your website and a lover of your recipes.. I tried this recipe. I t was good. But i was confused with the ingredients given because it includes fenugreek and coriander powder also. Its missing in the description part. Anyway i skipped it.
    Thank you for the recipe… <3 <3

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