Palappam / Vellayappam with Rice Flour

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  1. drooling…vayil 2 titanic irakkam ,,nghee nghee nghee..enikku veettil ponam…..

  2. Aarthi says:

    seeing this make me drool..i will try this weekend

  3. kanan says:

    wow looks awesome. love the recipe

  4. I am yet to use rapid rise yeast 🙁 Looks awesome

  5. Alpana says:

    Droolworthy preparation ……….Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sayantani says:

    dont torture like this…what a beautiful spread. would love to have it.

  7. San says:

    Mouth watering appam. It’s so crispy and the egg curry is bowl is fantastic.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great recipe and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Jancy J says:

    All this while I had not been making appams since I thought grinder is needed. Your detailed description was so promising. Mine came so soft. Thanks.

  10. Maya Akhil says:

    Jancy J,

    Thanks for your feedback. Glad to know that your appams came out well..

  11. Suman says:

    What kind of rice do you buy ? and what is the brand of the rice flour. Thanks

  12. Loved ur recipe of palappom with riceflour … came out well…..

  13. saji says:

    What is the measurement of the cup? Cups are different. Can you give the exact measurement?

  14. valar says:

    Your recepi look very inviting , yet to try but should i use the kuruku or can i ommit that , and what is the purpose of using the kuruku? tqvm

  15. Vinitha says:

    instead of yeast ..can we use baking soda?

  16. Nisha says:

    Glad I found your site. I was trying to follow the instructions at the back of Nirapara flour pack and was wondering why we need a dough for this. Now I got that they have been talking about the Kappi Kachan you mentioned!! Your dish has turned out really well and lovely clicks.

  17. Tina says:

    Instant yeast akumbol ethra time ferment cheyan vekkanam…

  18. Sowmya says:

    Hi Maya,
    Instant yeast use cheyyumbol direct batterilekku add cheytha mathiyo? Will it be the same quantity 1tsp? I am going to use instant yeast for the first time. Hence this stupid questions. Shall try this out and update you the outcome.
    I tried your veg biriyani and sweet boli. It turned out to be a super hit.. Thanks a ton.

    • Maya Akhil says:

      Mathiyenne thonnunnu but I am not sure ketto..never tried instant yeast before..
      Happy to know thayt you enjoyed the veg biriyani and boli..Thanks for your feedback sowmya!

  19. Joyce says:

    I tried out this recipe with chicken vattichathu, both came out so well and my family liked it a lot. Thanks for sharing such lovely recipes.

  20. Used KK flour. Idiappam turned out really soft.
    Very helpful recipes. I make batter more or less same way. I use an iron appa chatti but appam gets stuck. What to do about it?

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