Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry

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  1. Prathima Rao says:

    Love this saucy & yummy stir fry!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  2. Sunanda says:

    First time in your blog.. you have an awesome space here with variety of recipes.. wld love to follow to get updates on your posts..Delicious dish..

  3. San says:

    Just pass me the platter ,absolutely a delicious recipe .I can hog at any time .

  4. Maya..The recipe sounds yummy tto, the pictures speaks for the taste, saucy and perfect. I am literally drooling here…

  5. Tina says:

    oohhhhhhhh kothipikkan vendi thanne kacha ketti irangiyathano…? superb dear…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maya… The pics looks amazing… Kothi varunnu… – Neeraj

  7. Malar Gandhi says:

    Looks too good, makes me very hungry.

  8. Suhaina says:

    mmmm…looks so yummy.. i am feeling hungry.

  9. stir fry kandittu kothi aayittu vayya………

  10. Colourful and Yummy stir fried chicken …..Nice!!

  11. A delicious recipe with some excellent shots…marvelous!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Bookmarking this. Just 2 queries can i replace asparagus here. and will white sugar make in difference in taste if i subs with brown sugar? Superb looking clicks. Very inviting..

    Hamaree Rasoi

  14. Umm Mymoonah says:

    Looks very delicious, tempting pictures.

  15. Colorful n yummy combination

  16. nalla colorful pic..that’s an easy to make side dish..looks yum..

  17. Looks perfect,makes me hungry..colorful and tempting pic aanaloo,adipoli dear.

  18. divya says:

    Gorgeous and super delicious ….

  19. Priti says:

    Yummy platter…looks gud colourful

  20. sharada says:

    loved the juicy chicken veggie stir fry…..mouthwatering.
    Nice blog .

  21. Lav says:

    very colourful and yummm…filipinos love this kind of stir fry’s


  22. Gulmohar says:

    very pretty stir fry…aa chorinte kude irikkumbol ulla contrast…loved it 🙂

  23. Swathi says:

    Adipoli stirfry. chorum curryum nalla photogenic.

  24. aipi says:

    What a gorgeous looking dish..lovely colors!

    US Masala

  25. Sarah Naveen says:

    nammakku 2 perkkum entho mana porutham undennu thonnunnu..mikkavarum nammal ore timil dishes undakkum :)…
    Looks so yummy!!!

  26. Satrupa says:

    Superb amalgamation of flavors n colors …… Droolzzzzzz

  27. colorful and tasty stirfry..adipolittoo, my kids woulds love this for sure.

  28. Urmila says:

    nalla yummy aayittundallo…njan try cheyyunndu

  29. arthi says:

    looks so delicious!!

  30. ഇത് നോക്കി വെള്ളമിറക്കല്‍ കല്യാണിക്കുട്ടി ഒരു ഹോബി ആക്കി മാറ്റിയിട്ടുണ്ട്. 😉

  31. Rumana Rawat says:

    Thanks dear for such a beautiful entries…

  32. Preets says:

    Tried it and came out really tasty.
    Hubby and Me had it with cooked Quinoa.
    Good one Maya.

  33. Yummy Team says:


    Thank you so much for trying it out..Glad that you both enjoyed it 🙂

  34. ദാ ഇന്നും കൂടെ കല്യാണിക്കുട്ടി ഇത് കുക്കി. ഇന്ന് പച്ചക്കറികള്‍ മാത്രം ഇട്ടുള്ളൂ. പക്ഷെ കണ്ട എല്ലാ പച്ചക്കറിയും അങ്ങ് കാച്ചി. പിന്നെന്താ ചോറും കറിയും വെറുതെ ആയി.

  35. Yummy Team says:

    Thanks for trying, Kalyanikutty 🙂

  36. Deepthi says:

    I tried this with beef, it tasted great – restaurant style! Thanks a bunch for the recipe. Your amazing food photography skills lured me into trying this dish. Keep going..


  37. Sherry says:

    came out fab:)

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